Placement of electrical appliances in the living room

In general, the most important electrical appliances in the living room are TV, speaker, air conditioner, etc., which are introduced below

(1) bar TV

from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is best to place the TV in the West. When watching TV, sit from east to west, or sit from southeast to northwest. It is fierce that both the East and Southeast belong to wood. People who lack wood sit in the direction of wood to watch TV, which is the ideal Feng Shui position

when the TV is placed opposite the sofa, the distance is generally about 2m. Do not be too close. Otherwise, the X-ray emitted by the TV screen during work will affect the human body. Flowers and bonsai should not be placed next to the TV, because flowers are placed next to the TV. On the one hand, the moisture of bonsai has an impact on the TV; on the other hand, the X-ray radiation of the TV will destroy the normal division of plant growth cells, so that the flowers and trees wither and die day by day. In addition, the TV should not be placed together with high-power speaker and electric fan. Otherwise, the speaker and fan will transmit the vibration to the TV, which is easy to break the picture tube filament in the machine

(2) speaker

the placement of sound equipment is the most important. Pay special attention when placing the speaker against the wall, because ” Standing wave, That is, some sound waves (especially low frequencies) constantly refract and interfere with the music, and the music doesn’t sound clear. If some outdated magazines are stacked in the corner, the effect of absorbing standing waves can be produced

if there are cement walls and floors paved with cement or ceramic tiles and terrazzo at home, pay more attention to the placement of speakers. Because they are easy to cause excessive reflection or refraction of sound waves, making the treble sound too bright and the bass sound loud and noisy. At this time, we should consider using sound-absorbing materials. Curtains are good sound-absorbing materials, and carpets can also absorb sound. If the space condition of the house does not allow, you can only put the speaker against the wall and far away from the wall, then you can adopt this expedient Strategy ” mdash” mdash; Put the bookcase, wine cabinet and other furniture on the far side from the wall to make the sound wave there ” Backer ” ; Can refract

in ordinary homes, the ideal and non distracting way to place speakers is: the distance between speakers is about 2 meters, and there is nothing in the middle question. The distance between each speaker and the side wall and back wall is more than 0.5 meters (and usually the farther the distance is, the better). The listener’s sitting position is in an equilateral triangle with the two speakers, with the front of the speaker slightly inward and facing the listener

(3) air conditioner

air conditioner is an indispensable electrical appliance in modern home. The installation position of air conditioner in living room is also very particular about feng shui. When installing the air conditioner, you should pay attention to that the air conditioner outlet of the living room should not directly blow the main chair in the living room. The empty air outlet is like directly blowing the main chair in the living room (i.e. the sofa for three people). This will make the face sitting here very uncomfortable. It also represents the instability of the backer in Feng Shui and affects the luck of work and career

in addition, the air outlet of the air conditioner should not be blown to the wealth position, which will take away the wealth of the family and the cold air without trace. The front door of the home is the main wealth. Therefore, if the air conditioner directly faces the front door, it will not only vent wealth, but also symbolize that popularity blows out and the home is not warm

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