Does the choice of bookcase and books have an impact on your studies

Bookcase is the main furniture of the study. Choosing bookcase should not only be based on your hobbies, but also consider Feng Shui issues, so as to improve the fortune of the study

the first is the material of the bookcase. Because Wenchang is small, it’s best to choose wooden bookcases. In addition, wooden bookcases have the characteristics of masculinity and softness, which is conducive to stabilizing children’s mood and concentrating on reading

followed by the color of the bookcase. It’s best to choose darker colors, which can make children calm and sober and help them learn. Finally, the height of the bookcase. Bookcase should not be too high, otherwise it will give people a sense of oppression and is not conducive to health

what books should be put in the bookcase. From the perspective of children, it is not suitable to put a book such as violent murder, otherwise the filthy atmosphere will affect the Wenchang fortune of the study; It is also inappropriate to put books describing demons and ghosts, which will make the study too gloomy and not conducive to the growth of children. It’s best to put some books on literature, history and major, which can create a learning atmosphere and help children learn and progress

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