Common sense explanation of Feng Shui layout in living room and kitchen at home

The layout of the kitchen in the home should pay attention to Feng Shui, which is a well-known thing. After all, the good or bad feng shui of the kitchen is closely related to our fortune. Naturally, people in life want to get the help of good feng shui. If they want to have a good development fortune, they should pay attention to the relevant common sense of the kitchen. What are the common sense explanations of the layout of Feng Shui in the living room and kitchen in the home? Let’s see what the relevant articles say

some common sense of kitchen Feng Shui layout at home explain the problem of exposed stove platform: Recently, most families prefer open kitchen planning, but in Taiwan, they often see the stove platform directly when they enter the house because of lack of space. The kitchen belongs to the Treasury in Feng Shui, so the exposed pattern of the stove platform is easy to cause two kinds of problems. One is to leak money, whether money goes out or not, which is easy to be in debt; The second is the exposure of the hearth, which is close to the exposure of money, which is easy to be peeped at

the solution is to block the hearth with furniture higher than the hearth, such as wall, furniture cabinet or bar

the bathroom is planned in the kitchen, and the kitchen door or stove is opposite to the bathroom door: this pattern is easy to cause health problems of family members. Because the bathroom toilet represents foul gas in Feng Shui, it is opposite to the stove or planned in the kitchen, and it is easy to get sick from the mouth

the solution is: hang a cloth curtain at the bathroom door (bead curtain is not available, the covering effect is poor), and the length shall be subject to the seat that can cover the toilet. If the kitchen door is opposite to the bathroom door, both must hang a curtain, and the length of the curtain in the kitchen is not limited

the kitchen door is opposite to the bathroom door: Feng Shui believes that the kitchen is full of oil fume and other waste gas, which is harmful to health after long-term inhalation, so this pattern will also affect health

the solution is to hang curtains on the kitchen door and bedroom door

beam column pressure furnace: this pattern is called ” Beam pressure cooker, It will have a bad effect on the hostess’s health. It may cause the hostess to suffer from cancer, tumor and other diseases or long-term chronic diseases. The impact of this pattern is obvious, and symptoms often occur one month after moving in

the solution is to make copper nails on the left and right sides of the beam, hang lotus balls, or ask Baosheng emperor and Shennong temple to bless the gourd. If the beam is sealed by the cabinet, the alternative is to nail it to the left, right or front and back of the stove

the kitchen door is facing the door or the kitchen door is facing the stove: if the kitchen door is facing the door owner and the kitchen door is facing the stove, it will leak money or cause the hostess’s poor health

here are the ten taboos of kitchen Feng Shui:

1. The kitchen door cannot be directly facing the door. The three essentials of Yangzhai pointed out: ” Open the door to the stove and waste more money” ; This style will damage women’s health, and it is difficult to gather wealth at home and have repeated luck. If you encounter such a pattern, the only way to avoid it is to change the door

2. The kitchen door should not be directly facing the bedroom door: the oil smoke will make the residents dizzy and grumpy

3. The kitchen door shall not face the toilet door; As the source of a family’s appetite, the kitchen must be lucky. The toilet is an unclean place, and the kitchen represents fire and the toilet represents water. Water and fire are incompatible, which will lead to husband and wife disharmony and family unrest

4. Different kitchen and toilet doors: in order to save space, some families make the kitchen and toilet share one door, which makes the household water and fire unrestrained, which is very unlucky; What’s more, if you go to the toilet first and then into the kitchen, your appetite will definitely disappear

5. The floor of the kitchen shall not be higher than the floor of the hall, room, etc. on the one hand, it can prevent the backflow of sewage; Secondly, due to the difference between primary and secondary, the kitchen should not be above the hall and room; Again, from the kitchen into the hall to serve food, should rise step by step, on the contrary, there is the risk of returning money

6. The balcony walkway should not face the stove: the corridor presses the fire, the Lord does not gather money, and is prone to diseases such as high blood pressure

7. The stove in the kitchen should not be directly facing the refrigerator and sink: the refrigerator also represents the place for storing and collecting money. Its nature is water. It is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to make the family ill

8. The stove should not be under the beam: it should not be under pressure where it is often accessed and operated, especially as a platform for food production

9. No window can be opened between the range hood and the stove, which is bad for money leakage

10. The stove must not have no backing behind it: the stove owner should rely on his family health, marriage and fame. The back must not be empty. He must rely on the solid wall. If it is a glass wall, it is inappropriate

common sense and taboos that must be understood in the Feng Shui layout of the living room at home

taboo 1 Do not use heavy color spraying on the wall of the living room

Feng Shui regards the living room as a residential ” Neimingtang, The living room is required to be spacious, bright and tidy. The wall of the living room should not be sprayed with heavy colors, and eye-catching patterns should not be used. The wall should be kept clean. If there are stains, dirty marks or children’s smears, they should be treated as soon as possible. Otherwise, the dirty and dark living room will not only damage wealth, but also have an adverse impact on the health of residents

taboo 2 TV background wall should not be located in the financial position

TV background wall plays an important role in the layout of the living room. Whether the setting direction is correct or not is very important. The owner of wealth at home is quiet and stable, while the TV is noisy, which is easy to scare away the God of wealth, so the TV wall should not be set in wealth

taboo 3 TV background wall should not have sharp corners

pay great attention to the form of TV background wall, avoid the design of sharp corners and bulges, especially triangles, and prevent them from forming ” BRAKE ” ; Phase. Try not to make meaningless and messy segmentation of the background wall, otherwise it will make the family nervous and restless, and seriously endanger their health. It is advisable to take the circular, arc, straight and non angular linear shape as the main shape. These shapes contain the meaning of happiness and can make the family harmonious and happy

taboo 4 Do not have beams on the ceiling

the ceiling of the living room cannot have beams. The beams will form a feeling of oppression. People sitting under the beams are easy to cause mental tension and poor luck. Cover the beams in the ceiling as soon as possible

taboo 5 If the floor height of the living room is too low, avoid the ceiling

the living room with too low floor height is not suitable for the ceiling. If the ceiling is bound to appear too depressed, it will also affect the circulation of air, make the residents feel uncomfortable, and then affect the mood of daily life and work

taboo 6 Avoid installing mirrors on the ceiling of the living room

installing mirrors on the ceiling of the living room is a big taboo in Feng Shui. When people are in it, they see their reflection every day, which means that heaven and earth are reversed. Over time, people’s emotions are vulnerable, and then their future is blocked and their career development is unfavorable

taboo on doors, windows and ground

taboo 7 Avoid too many or too large windows in the living room

too large or too many windows in the living room are easy to lead to disharmony between parents and children. You can hang shutters or curtains to correct this deficiency. Large floor to ceiling windows will introduce too much sunshine and heat in summer and quickly lose heat in winter, so curtains or other shelters should be installed

taboo 8 Do not open the living room window inward

it is best to push the living room window outward or to both sides, in order not to interfere with the front and rear areas of the window. Inward windows can make residents timid and flinch

taboo 9 If the window of the living room is too small, avoid installing the door in the channel

installing the door in the channel will make the air in the living room dull. Therefore, if the window of the living room is very small, it is difficult for fresh air outside the house to enter. If the door is installed in the channel, the air in the living room will not be able to communicate with the bedroom, which is certainly not ideal

general knowledge of the layout of Feng Shui in the living room and kitchen at home


1. The stove cannot be under the beam

in Feng Shui, the top pressing of the beam is an unlucky saying. It should not be pressed in places where people often go in and out and operate. As a platform for food system, the stove will be harmful to health

2. The stove must not have no backing behind it

the health, marriage and fame of the stove owner’s family should be relied on. The back must not be empty. It must rely on the solid wall. If it is a glass wall, it is inappropriate

3. The stove cannot face the toilet.

the toilet is a place where dirt and bacteria are concentrated. The stove is where food is cooked. Pay attention to hygiene to prevent diseases from entering from the mouth. In addition, the stove cannot be opposite to the toilet

4. The stove should not be exposed to the setting sun

in Feng Shui, the kitchen faces the west, especially the cooking stove is exposed to the west sun, which is unlucky

5. Kitchen stoves should not go straight through the door

kitchen stoves, as a place for cooking food and supporting life, should not be too exposed, especially the external air brought in by the door

6. The stove cannot be pressed directly against the balcony aisle

corridor. The Lord does not gather money and is prone to diseases such as high blood pressure

7. The stove should not be directly facing the refrigerator and sink

the refrigerator also represents a place for storage and wealth accumulation. It is water in nature and is most afraid of fire attack, which is easy to cause family members’ physical discomfort

living room:

first of all, when choosing the house type, we must choose square or rectangle. The feng shui of the house type without many corners or lack of corners is the best. If there is an inevitable beam in the living room, the sofa must not be placed under the beam, or the beam should be covered. This is good feng shui. In Feng Shui, it is the most taboo to place sofa or bed under the beam

secondly, we should choose the living room with good ventilation effect so that the air can circulate smoothly. Otherwise, if the air in the whole living room is chaotic, not only the residents are healthy, but also they are prone to many problems, and even don’t want to have good luck. A well ventilated, transparent and bright living room is a good feng shui living room

the decoration design of home and the placement of decorative items should comply with the principle of home feng shui. And the whole living room must be clean and tidy, and put more green plants, so as to bring infinite vitality to the living room and contribute to wealth. Withered plants cannot be placed in the living room

finally, it should be noted that there is no mirror hanging on the sofa background wall in the living room, which will make people feel insecure behind their back. Although the mirror has the function of blocking evil spirits, it can not be placed or hung at home. We must pay attention to home feng shui, otherwise good feng shui will be destroyed by bad feng shui

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