Stairs inside office buildings should be avoided

Stairs are also an indispensable link in modern office space. As a public facility, the space separation of multiple floors depends on stairs. Stairs play a connecting role. Its orientation and shape have a strong impact on the internal layout of the residence. First of all, the direction of stairs when they go upstairs should be consistent with the operation of ningzhou spiral field. It is appropriate to go clockwise, and the stairs need to be the same size up and down

stairs can not only play the function of channel, which is where the office building receives and delivers air, but also a place where accidents are easy to occur. If the setting direction is wrong,

will cause damage to the company. The ideal position for stairs is to stand against the wall. There are generally three types of stairs, one is spiral ladder, one is inclined ladder, and the other is stairs with turning platform on the way. Compared with inclined stairs and stairs with turning platforms on the way, the first step of the stairs is located in the center of the house. If the platform at the end of the stairs is the center of the office building, it is a fierce pattern

plants can be placed under the stairs or used as lockers, but not as offices

stairs are pipes that move air quickly. Therefore, the steeper the gradient of stairs, the stronger the negative effect on Feng Shui. Therefore, the gradient of stairs should be better relaxed. In terms of shape, spiral stairs and stairs with turning platform on the way are preferred. In addition, it should be noted that wooden stairs with slow air connection and air supply are best used, and stairs made of stone and metal are less used

the stairs should be hidden. It is not suitable to see the stairs, staircases and corners as soon as you enter the door. Do not face the door of the office building, especially the door of the chairman and the finance room, otherwise it is easy to cause problems in the operation of the company. Low in front and high in back is the principle of office feng shui, that is to say, the pattern in the office building should be more inward and upward. If you enter the door, you will go all the way down the stairs, indicating that the company’s business will go downhill. When customers enter the company in the building, they can’t have stairs to go directly to the office of senior leaders. They must leave the guests at the entrance, otherwise the senior leaders are vulnerable and will be detrimental to the business decision of the state

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