What’s Feng Shui particular about hanging lanterns in front of the gate

Hanging lanterns in front of the door is a traditional custom, which seems to many people to be an auspicious and festive meaning, so lanterns are usually hung in front of the door on some good days or festivals. However, hanging lanterns also has a lot of Feng Shui stress. If you don’t pay more attention, it will destroy the Feng Shui aura of lanterns. In the end, it will not have auspicious meaning, but may destroy the festive Feng Shui aura

  1. Pay attention to the size selection of lanterns

generally, it is believed in the introduction of Feng Shui that lanterns can absorb Feng Shui gas field, so generally speaking, the larger the lantern is, the better, because if the lantern is large and the house is relatively small, it can not carry too strong gas transportation. The result is not only a waste of Feng Shui gas field, but also has some adverse effects on home transportation

  2. Pay attention to the hanging position

when hanging lanterns, they are generally on the left and right sides of the gate, one on each side, and must not be hung in the middle. That will not only be unsightly, but also block the gas inlet of the residence, which is not conducive to the gas absorption of the residence. In addition, we should also pay attention to the high and low position. In addition to paying attention to the height balance of lanterns on both sides, the height is generally higher than the door, but not too much higher

  3. Pay attention to the number of lanterns

when hanging lanterns, you should also pay attention to the number of lanterns. In fact, you don’t have to hang two lanterns, but you should hang them according to the needs of your family. For example, four lanterns should be hung for wedding and childbirth. However, if the five elements of the owner’s life avoid fire, you should pay attention to not hanging too many lanterns as much as possible when hanging lanterns, You only need to hang one, otherwise too much will be bad for the master’s fate

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