Washing room feng shui tips for mirror placement

Washing room is the best location to place the mirror. The mirror can be used to expand sense of space. If you just weak up, the mirror can help you to recover quickly. The mirror behalf on your businesses and career development, so please keep the mirror clean always.  

feng shui tips of mirror in washing room
feng shui tips of mirror in washing room
The shape of mirror in washing room

The shape of mirror that placed in washing room is important. The square and rectangle shape are the best for mirror in washing room. It means that everything in order and balanced. Remember that no shape edge of mirror. If there is one round washbasin with square or rectangle mirror and proper lighting, that will good for getting good feng shui in washing room. If you like the round and ellipse mirror, you also can place it in washing room. But remember do not place the rhombus or polygon mirror in washing room.

The mirror shall be entire one. Do not use joint mirror.

It would be better to use entire mirror in washing room. More and more people are willing to use joint mirror to catch fashion. This design mirror looks good, but the picture in mirror are also jointed. This will affect the feng shui of washing room and bring bad fortune. 

The size of mirror for washing room

Choose big mirror for your washing room. The big mirror in washing room can inspire you after you wake up. The big mirror also means that your business and career with development space. If you place one small mirror which only can reflect your face only. This kind small mirror will be bad for your business and career development. So bigger mirror could bring more good fortune for you and get good feng shui energy.

One taboo you shall know is that do not let the mirror face to closestool. Closestool and mirror shall not face to the door of washing room;

 Hope those feng shui tips for washing room’s mirror placement could bring good luck for you.

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