Feng shui tips for sofa placement

Sofa is one important furniture of living room, it can make life more conformable. meanwhile Sofa also play very important feng shui role. So today we will talk about feng shui tips for sofa placement. Learning those feng shui tips not only can help you to get comfortable life, also can help you to get good feng shui environment.

feng shui tips of sofa
feng shui tips of sofa
Do not place sofas face the main door directly;

If the sofa align with main door, this situation is called feng shui confliction. It will damage the good feng shui and take the wealth away. In that case, you shall move the sofa away to avoid it. If you cannot find any other good place for sofa, you can place one screen or some large and tall green plants between sofa and main door. It will protect the good stable feng shui energy and the people who siting on it away from the energy flow. It does not matter if the sofa faces the door of the room.

Do not install the light which right above the sofa on the rooftop.

Sometimes people fell dark around sofa. So they install some lighting on right above on the sofa and the light reaching the sofa directly. Those lightings are close to sofa and light make people dizzily. It would be better to change the lighting direction facing to the wall.

Do not place mirror behind the sofa;

In order to make the living space looks like larger, we hang the mirror on the wall. Because the mirror can reflect good and bad fortune per feng shui roles so do not place the mirror randomly.

Place the sofa against the wall.

Placing the sofa against the wall, it means supporter. If placing the sofa against the window, door or passage. There is no support for sofa. It will cause fortune leakage per feng shui rules. If there is no wall that the sofa can against. It comment method is placing one short cabinet or screen as the supporter for sofa. Remember do not placing any water plants or fish tank behind the sofa.

Placing sofa on propitious location.

Sofa is used for rest and siting, so placing sofa on propitious location, the people who siting on the sofa will get good fortune.  Read more: how to identify the propitious location

No beam right above sofa.

If there is one beam right above sofa, it will affect the family fortune. You can plant two pots bamboo used for support the beam.But the best way is to move the sofa away.

The shape of sofa.

Sofa plays one key role in living room. Sofa likes the port of the country. if it can store more water it will be good port. Feng shui principle of sofa is the same. The good port must be “U” shape. So if you have “U” shape sofa. It will help you to store more good feng shui energy (QI Chi 气)

U shape sofa
U shape sofa

Hope those feng shui tips for sofa can help you to get good feng shui. Good Luck!


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