Where is the best place to put the toilet

Where is the best place to put the toilet

Judging the quality of a house is a great reference for the location of the toilet as a place for sewage discharge. The location of a family toilet or the overall structure directly determines the rise and fall of the house fortune. Therefore, the choice of toilet location is very particular.

#1 Avoid southwest, Northeast and South .

The toilet focuses on incoming and outgoing water. Therefore, this place has heavy water vapor and prosperous water. Therefore, it is not suitable to install toilets in the southwest, northeast and south of the house. Feng Shui believes that this combination is easy to decline family fortune and damage the health of family members. On weekdays, it is also easy to quarrel with colleagues and younger generations for trivial matters, which is not conducive to the harmony of interpersonal relations.

Feng shui master’s advice: put some green plants in the toilet, which can be used to balance the pattern of the house and play an effective mitigation role.

#2 Should not face the gate.

the door of the home is the place where the family contacts with the society, which is very important in luck. However, the Yin of the toilet is relatively heavy, and the location should be hidden. The door is facing the toilet, which will destroy the vitality of the door and affect the luck of the house. It is prone to financial constraints, and the family is prone to headache and urinary system diseases.

Feng shui master’s move: if this pattern occurs, it’s best to add a porch between the door and the toilet, which can prevent anger from entering the wet toilet directly.

Hang a bead curtain on the door of the toilet, which also helps to block the airflow between the door and the toilet and minimize the adverse impact.

#3 Keep clean, air circulation.

There was no water pumping equipment in the ancient toilet. It was often filled with feces and stink, and flies and mosquitoes flew everywhere. It is conceivable how bad the environment was.

With the progress of society and the development of economy, people’s health awareness has been greatly improved. Generally, there are flush toilets in the toilet of families. After going to the toilet, the excreta can be washed away in time, and the sanitary environment has been greatly improved. But we still need to keep the toilet fresh and keep the indoor air circulation, so as not to threaten the health of our family.

#4 Neatly placed, Complete equipment.

The items in the toilet are disorderly, filled with moisture, filth and odor, damaged furnishings and dark indoors. Frequent use of such a toilet will make people in the house prone to endocrine, metabolic disorders and other symptoms.

#5 Refreshing color, Anti slip floor.

The toilet is a place where water is used, and its color is also quite exquisite. When decorating it, it is best to choose white, blue or black. Only when the five elements are born and consistent, can it produce a sense of tranquility and tranquility, so that the toilet users can relax. If you use warm colors such as bright red and pink, it will make toilet users have irritable psychology, which is very inappropriate. In addition, the floor of the toilet should pay attention to the selection of anti-skid materials to ensure the safety of people in the toilet.

#5 Place plants properly.

Now some people design their toilets in the sunny position facing south, and most of them are not equipped with windows, which will lead to poor daylighting, insufficient convection between indoor air and external air, and high moisture, which is conducive to the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and fungi.

Decorating the toilet with some appropriate green plants will not only fill the room with natural vitality and charm, but also absorb the foul gas in the air and reduce the number of bacteria and microorganisms in the toilet, which is conducive to the health of residents. Proper placement of plants can also add natural interest and make the whole space full of affinity. It will not only enrich the remaining space, but also bring people a new visual experience.

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