Why is the children’s room not suitable to be a study

In modern residential planning, due to the limitation of residential area, most families integrate children’s room and study. There is nothing wrong with this layout. Children also need to learn in the process of growing up, and after entering primary school, reading time will occupy most of it. Setting up a small bookcase in the children’s room to hold books for learning is also a good layout, which can increase the scholarly smell of the children’s room and cultivate children’s interest in learning

however, it should be noted that the study for adults in the family should not be integrated with the children’s room, because children have more rest time than adults, sleep should be fully guaranteed, and parents go in and out, take books and take books, which will have an impact on children’s rest. Moreover, children should be given free space. If the study is located in the children’s room, children will often feel disturbed and peeped, and their psychology will be wary, which will affect the relationship between parents and children

in addition, from the perspective of Feng Shui, the children’s room and study are two different kinds of Feng Shui. The children’s room is a space for activities and rest, which needs to be relatively lively. The study is a space for learning, which needs to be arranged relatively quietly and solemnly. The combination of the two different auras will lead to Feng Shui collision and friction in the family

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