Are there any tricks in the bedroom

Everyone has good luck, but there is a difference between good and bad. Some people are romantic and have good luck, and many people pursue them; Some people have bad luck and are still single; Some people have good luck, but they are all rotten peach blossoms. Many people pay attention to bedroom Feng Shui and hope to change their love fortune through some layout, among which the more common is to place flowers. Is the bedroom so lucky? Afraid of rotten peach blossoms. Today, the Fstips of one feng shui will reveal the mystery for you. Let’s see what tricks are put at the head of the bed

I. are you lucky to play tricks in the bedroom?

1. Now many people are still single because they are busy with work and have little private time to contact the opposite sex. They hope to play flowers in the bedroom. Is the bedroom so lucky? The answer needs specific analysis

2. From the perspective of Feng Shui, whether flowers in the bedroom attract good luck depends on the specific flower varieties. Not all flowers can attract peach blossoms when they are placed at the head of the bed. Only when the flowers with their own peach blossom effect are placed at the head of the bed in the bedroom can they attract peach blossoms for themselves

3. If peach blossoms are placed directly in the bedroom, it is the simplest and rough way to attract peach blossoms. It is better to use real flowers, which has a stronger effect. But if there are no real flowers, fake flowers are also good, but we should always pay attention to cleaning to avoid a lot of dust on them, which affects the good luck of flowers

4. Whether the flowers in the bedroom attract good luck depends on the specific placement. It is recommended to place it near the windowsill or bedside table, which can not only beautify but also have the effect of Feng Shui. But never put it at the end of the bed. The effect of peach blossom will be weakened or even counterproductive

2. What tricks should be put at the head of the bed for good luck

1. Roses

roses represent the flowers of love. Placing roses in the bedroom can certainly play a role in attracting peach blossoms. But when choosing roses, it’s best to pull out the thorn, because the thorn will destroy the Feng Shui fortune of the whole house and easily cause quarrels between residents and others

2. Peach blossom

because peach blossom contains the word “peach blossom”, it is most suitable to breed peach blossom in the bedroom, which can effectively recruit peach blossom. Many people call the coming of love peach blossoming, so putting peach blossoms at the head of the bed can make the full breath of love come to you

3. Peony flowers

putting peony flowers at the head of the bed can effectively attract good luck. Peony is the national flower of China, with beautiful appearance and elegant quality. Putting peony flowers at the head of the bed represents wealth and auspiciousness, and can also attract the edge of the opposite sex. Many ancient poems also use peonies as a metaphor for beautiful love, so cultivating peonies in the bedroom represents continuous good luck in life

III. what’s the Feng Shui in raising flowers in the bedroom? Pay attention to

1. Avoid raising harmful flowers

not all flowers are suitable for breeding in the bedroom. For example, the flower fragrance of cloves is relatively strong, which is easy to affect people’s sleep quality and stimulate nerves for a long time. For another example, orchids are not suitable to be placed in the bedroom. Its fragrance will make people feel excited and make people sleepless

2. Choose according to the five elements

from the perspective of Feng Shui, we can choose the appropriate bedroom flowers according to the five elements. It can be distinguished according to the characteristics of plants. The hot belongs to fire, the warm belongs to soil, the cold belongs to water, and the dry belongs to gold. Then it can be combined with the five elements of the residents to determine whether it is appropriate

3. Choose

according to the bedroom area. The bedroom is used for sleeping and pursues a quiet and comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, if the area of the bedroom is limited, it is recommended to place small and medium-sized pots or hanging pots in order to avoid excessive volume of plants occupying the unified building

4. Choose according to the zodiac

People’s zodiac corresponds to suitable flowers. Flowers in the bedroom can be selected according to this. For example, people who belong to chicken or monkey of the Chinese Zodiac prefer gold, so they can choose flowers that belong to earth and gold, such as evening jasmine, gardenia, Michelia, yellow rose, etc. People who belong to pigs and rats like water more. They can choose flowers such as narcissus and Magnolia

What are the folk methods to attract peach blossom luck

1. Vase flower arrangement

because the mouth of the vase is empty and concave at the beginning, it means to exchange divination, which is the master of peach blossom luck, so you can increase peach blossom luck by arranging flowers in the vase, which is a folk traditional method of attracting peach blossom luck

first look for the location of good luck at home, then find a vase, fill the vase with clean water, insert flowers and place them in the location of good luck. If the vase does not contain water, it will form a peach blossom evil spirit. There will be emotional disputes or disasters, so you must fill the vase with clean water

in addition, it should also be noted that the color of the vase should match the position of peach blossom luck:

if the position of peach blossom luck is located in the East and belongs to wood in the East, the vase can choose the color of wood, such as cyan

if the location of peach blossom is in the South and the South belongs to fire, the vase can choose the color of fire, such as red, purple, orange and other bright colors

if the location of peach blossom is in the West and the West belongs to gold, the vase can be in the color of gold, such as gold and white

if the location of the peach blossom is in the north and the North belongs to water, the vase can choose the color of water, such as black and blue

2. Wrap the peach blossom tree with red thread

first, there should be a real peach blossom tree at home, then place the peach blossom tree in the east of the home, then wrap the red thread around the peach blossom tree trunk for nine rounds, and finally wrap the periphery of the peach blossom tree pot with red cloth. In the next time, you can pursue your own peach blossom

3. Put a red line under the pillow

we all know that the red line is a tool for the elderly to lead marriage. Putting a red line with the same length as the pillow under the pillow can virtually increase more peach blossom opportunities. Put a red line under the pillow. This is one of the simplest methods. The best length of the red line is as long as or longer than the pillow. It’s best to tie it into a concentric knot, which will give you more opportunities to get peach blossoms on the emotional road. The red line will enhance the peach blossom fortune of singles and be conducive to popularity. Putting the red line under the pillow is the meaning of holding the red line by the elderly. The red rope under the pillow is also particular. It’s best to choose a good day and place it again. There is a red thread under the pillow, which has the meaning of peach blossom and happiness. Therefore, it can achieve a good effect of peach blossom

4. Peony and dragon

if you are a single woman, you can hang a peony picture or place a pot of peony flowers in your bedroom, which can virtually absorb the temperament of peony and increase your ability to attract the opposite sex; If you are a single man, you can put dragon ornaments or patterns in your bedroom, which can show the temperament of the dragon and attract more women

5. Place vases at home

placing vases at home means that the family is safe and can attract peach blossoms. It is best to insert flowers in the vase and put water into it. The water should be kept clean. Once the flowers wither, they should be replaced with fresh ones. If you are single, the vase can be placed on the window edge. If you have a spouse, don’t put it on the window edge, which has a very strong effect on attracting peach blossoms. The flowers in the vase must use flowers, not fake flowers. The peach blossom positions of each zodiac are different. The urging peach flowers should be arranged according to their own luck. All zodiac animals belong to rat, dragon and monkey; Peach blossom is in the West. All zodiac animals belong to horses, dogs and tigers; The peach blossom is in the East. All zodiac animals belong to chicken, cow and snake; The peach blossom is in the south. All zodiac animals belong to rabbit, sheep and pig; The peach blossom is in the north

6, men put dragon ornaments and women put peonies

men can put some pictures of dragon patterns or some dragon ornaments, which means they will have dragon temperament, which can enhance their personality, increase the fate of the opposite sex, and attract the opposite sex with good conditions. In the room of a single woman, if you want to add peach flowers to yourself, you can put a picture of peony or a pot of peony flowers. Peony is something that attracts peach flowers. It will improve your temperament and attract the opposite sex with good conditions. At the same time, it will help improve popularity and attract the opposite sex

7. Replace bedroom supplies with pairs of

single people should not hang some odd pictures and some single items, which will only appear alone. Small and medium-sized items at home are best paired, because paired small items symbolize good feelings, which can not only exude personal charm, but also show the signal of taking off orders. Then put more paired items at home to have good feelings. Moreover, married people can also place them to increase the emotional fortunes of both sides. Solitude and single objects will cause loneliness, which will aggravate the smell of solitude

or replace those lonely items with pairs of things, such as a pair of romantic desk lamps and two heart decorations, which can enhance your peach blossom aura and bring you unexpected love

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