Can the bead curtain be used to dissolve the door from the door to the bedroom door

As a very important item in the family, the door also has a lot of attention. Of course, sometimes you don’t have to pay much attention to the attention. After all, Feng Shui sometimes has little influence, but if you violate some situations, you must solve them in time, so that you may change your situation, otherwise the situation will only become more and more serious. Feng Shui says that the door facing the bedroom will affect Feng Shui, As a private place for people to rest, the bedroom is not only related to the fate of the owner, but also can affect the intimate relationship between husband and wife and the stability of the family. Therefore, if the door is facing the bedroom, we must find a way to resolve it. Then the door facing the bedroom door hanging bead curtain, half curtain or full curtain? How to resolve door-to-door

the door is facing the bedroom door. It’s better to hang bead curtain, half curtain or full curtain

half curtain or full curtain. You can hang black or blue cloth curtain, preferably crystal curtain. If the door is just the size and right, you don’t have to pay attention to the air and the wind will dissipate

1. It’s better to hang bead curtain on the bedroom door with a length of about 1 / 3. It’s more beautiful than the effect, that is, it’s 1.2 meters long. If the hanging is long, it is easy to get entangled in and out of the door, which is inconvenient. If it is short, it will not have the desired effect. The door curtain hanging about 1.2m is better than the effect. It is not easy to get entangled when entering and leaving. It can also have a good effect, which is convenient and good-looking

2. It should be the kind of bead curtain that droops to a distance of only a few centimeters from the ground, which is also more beautiful. Don’t use cloth curtain. You can hang the bead curtain on the bathroom door. It’s best to hang a copper gourd on the bedroom door

how to resolve door-to-door

1. Change the orientation of the door and resolve the feng shui of door-to-door

the reason why door-to-door will form bad feng shui is that the two doors are opposite, and the door acts as an air port, but when the air ports are opposite, it will form a situation of confrontation, which will lead to very tense family relations, and it is easy to quarrel over some small things in life, It will also hurt the feelings of the family and so on. If it goes on for a long time, the disharmony of the family will also affect the wealth and family luck

to avoid these adverse effects, you can directly change the orientation of the door. When we redecorate and change the orientation and orientation of the door, we can directly avoid the pattern of opening the door to the door. Once we avoid this pattern, we can directly avoid the adverse impact! Therefore, changing the orientation of the door is also an effective way to resolve the door-to-door bad feng shui

2. Often closing the door can resolve the feng shui of door-to-door

changing the orientation of the door is indeed one of the most effective ways to resolve the door-to-door problem, but this method needs to be renovated with a large amount of work, so many people will directly give up the first method and seek some relatively simple solutions. For this, you can choose to often close the door, which can also effectively resolve the adverse impact of the door on the door

hanging the door curtain can block the evil spirit

although the door facing the bedroom can bring fresh air, it will also affect the stability of the gas field in the bedroom, resulting in twists and turns and contradictions in family intimate relations. If hanging the door curtain, it can prevent the hall evil spirit and resolve the adverse Feng Shui of the big door on the bedroom, but it will not be too closed to ensure the fresh air in the bedroom

hanging the door curtain can improve family relations

hanging the door curtain, the room is half covered, which is much more warm and trusting than closing the door directly. Moreover, the door curtain will shake slightly with the wind, which will bring mobility to the dull space and make the family relationship more lively and loving. In particular, if the peach door curtain or other colors to enhance the good fortune are selected, it can also stimulate the intimate feelings between husband and wife and make the family relationship more harmonious

hanging the door curtain can improve the luck

the door curtain has a variety of materials, so it can be adjusted according to the location and the five element layout of the room. For example, if it is wooden beads, it is wood attribute. If it is a shutter type door curtain, it belongs to gold. Moreover, according to the different shapes of the door curtain, such as beaded, wavy and segmented, it not only has a great sense of beauty, but also can adjust the aura of the room through the shape to enhance the master’s fortune

the above content mainly describes whether it is better for Fstips to hang bead curtain with the door facing the bedroom door, half curtain or full curtain? The specific introduction of how to resolve door to door. Door to door is a taboo situation. Therefore, after this kind of situation occurs, it must also be solved. The Feng Shui problems between doors have a great impact. Therefore, in terms of resolution methods, we must also find appropriate methods. If we do the operation carelessly, the effect treatment is often very unsatisfactory

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