The taboo of Feng Shui in restaurants

Many couples like to hang Feng Shui paintings in restaurants, but they also pay attention to their feelings. So, how to pay attention to Feng Shui in restaurants? What are the taboos of Feng Shui in restaurants? Here are some information about Feng Shui taboos hanging in restaurants to share with you

Feng Shui taboo of restaurant hanging painting

Feng Shui taboo of restaurant hanging painting Feng Shui

I. hanging painting Feng Shui suitable for restaurant

the restaurant is dominated by bright colors, which can accumulate Yang, increase appetite, attract wealth and blessings and bless the whole family. Next, Fstips will introduce some hanging paintings suitable for hanging in the restaurant for your reference

1. Prosperous fortune and wealth nine fish chart

nine ” ; It means long-term” Fish ” ; For the best of everything. Nine auspicious fish play in the water. In Feng Shui, there is a saying that red fish can prosper, so hanging a picture of nine fish and lotus in a Chinese restaurant can prosper and make money

2. Picture of peony with good luck

picture of peony. The peony corolla is huge, double petals are stacked, delicate and colorful, and green leaves support each other on the left and right. Peony, which has been honored as a product of wealth and auspicious flowers, has been regarded as a symbol of good luck, prosperity and wealth for thousands of years, and is loved by all levels. If you can hang a picture of rich and auspicious peonies in the restaurant, you can bring a lot of good luck to the family. Peony painting is also an essential hanging painting in feng shui home

3. Return with a full load of grapes

some fruit and vegetable pictures can be selected for the hanging pictures in the restaurant. For vegetables, it’s best not to bring roots. Grape hanging paintings are placed in the restaurant. Feng Shui has auspicious meaning and implies a full harvest. It will be very suitable for hanging grapes in the restaurant

4. Welcome the red plum blossom in spring

” People give little red plum, and poetry is an addendum. Xia Rong Gu shoots the face, wine shame Shouyang muscle. Too clean to be jealous. Wake up alone and be suspicious. Follow the beautiful spring scenery and protect yourself from the cold ” ;. Hongmei is also the object that Chinese scholars like to chant. There are many paintings and poems. A picture of red plum blossoms is hung in the restaurant, and the flowers are in full swing, which has brought a bit of joy to home life

5. Home and Wanshixing calligraphy and painting

and ” ; It is an open-minded and calm philosophy of life, ” Home and everything prosper ” , A harmonious family can bring warmth, happiness, strength and prosperity to every family member. Only a harmonious family can overcome difficulties, overcome difficulties and be a truly warm family. Dream stone calligraphy ” ; Home and everything prospers ” It’s a good choice to hang pictures of Feng Shui in the restaurant

6. Four foot banner egret picture

egrets are naturally beautiful and slender. They have very slender legs and neck, long mouth and toes. Their whole body is covered with white feathers like snow, just like a noble snow white. Egret feathers are used as valuable ornaments on Oriental dresses and used to be used in the female hat industry in the West. Egret was recognized as the city bird of Jinan in 2008. A picture of egrets and lotus flowers is hung in the decoration of the home restaurant, which not only beautifies the home, but also adds a little poetic and picturesque to the living environment

2. Feng Shui taboos in restaurants

1. Restaurants should avoid too many red pictures

restaurants should not hang too many red pictures, which is easy to cause irritability and is not conducive to the health of their families

2. Avoid horse pictures in restaurants

horse pictures are also common in decorative paintings, implying prosperity, but horse hanging paintings should not be placed in the south, which is easy to affect the relationship between family members

3. It is forbidden to hang portraits in restaurants

it is also difficult to hang portraits in restaurants, which is easy to cause great emotional fluctuations and cause psychological imbalance and nervousness

4. Picture of mascot dragon

the dragon is a mascot and has the title of king. Therefore, the hanging picture with dragon pattern is also a good symbol. Remember that the faucet should face inward

restaurant hanging paintings also pay attention to Feng Shui

restaurant hanging paintings Feng Shui I. decorative paintings of fruits and vegetables are a good choice for restaurant hanging paintings. They are fresh and comfortable and can enhance appetite. Hanging abstract paintings with the theme of fruit, flowers and color blocks in the restaurant is also a popular collocation technique

hanging paintings in the restaurant. 2. In Feng Shui, red fish can attract wealth and prosperity, so hanging beautiful pictures related to fish in the restaurant can make prosperity and wealth

Feng Shui painting hanging in the restaurant III. some harvest paintings are also suitable to be placed in the restaurant. It is a common auspicious feng shui calligraphy and painting in home calligraphy and painting decoration, and the fruitful results often imply a good harvest. Hanging in the restaurant is a good sign

hanging pictures in the restaurant Feng Shui 4. It is not suitable to hang too many red hanging pictures in the restaurant, which is easy to cause irritability and is not conducive to the health of family members

restaurant hanging painting Feng Shui v. as a scene of nature, landscape painting is also a good choice for hanging painting, which brings harmonious beauty to the home, but the restaurant atmosphere becomes relaxed and comfortable. However, the landscape painting of waterfalls should not be placed. Waterfalls will make the owner’s luck repeated, and the painting of sunset will also make people depressed

Feng Shui painting hanging in the restaurant 6. It is also difficult to hang character portraits in the restaurant, which is easy to cause great emotional fluctuations, psychological imbalance and nervousness

Feng Shui 7 and horse pictures are also common in decorative paintings, implying prosperity. However, horse pictures should not be placed in the south, which is easy to affect the relationship between family members

the restaurant hangs pictures of Feng Shui eight and dragon, which are auspicious and have the title of king. Therefore, the hanging picture with dragon pattern is also a good symbol. Remember that the faucet should face inward

four geomantic omens to pay attention to when hanging pictures on the wall say

First: decorating the wall is to make the finishing point, and exaggeration will dominate the host

hanging pictures and photos in the home room can add different customs to the home space and indirectly improve the luck. However, some people like to hang a large picture in the living room, which occupies the whole wall. By contrast, the main sofa doesn’t show the momentum it should have. Decorating the wall is to make the finishing touch. If it is too much, it will become a noisy guest and dominate, and there will be sequelae that are difficult for subordinates to control. Therefore, when hanging photos and paintings of different sizes on the wall, pay special attention to the size of a single painting: for example, the painting in the living room should not exceed the main sofa; The of the restaurant should not exceed the table top; The size of the study should not exceed the size of the desk, and that of the bedroom should not exceed the area of the bed

II: pay attention to the shape of pictures and photos. The circle should not be larger than the square

all kinds of pictures. The material and shape of pictures will be different with the content of pictures. Modern photos are trendy, even some are mirror, some are square and some are round, which seems to make the wall feel richer, but remember: the square shape belongs to soil and is masculine; Round, belonging to water, is negative. The square is suitable for hanging on the wall. If there are both square and round, the round should not be larger than the square. After all, most Yang houses are better to have more yang

III: the walls of the living room and dining room are suitable for hanging landscape paintings. Besides implying benevolence and wisdom, landscape paintings such as auspicious animals, plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum have a long history, but also bring good omens to people engaged in business, opening shops and doing business. There are many animals and plants to choose from. As long as there are positive meanings in idioms, they can be hung. For example, animals have: auspicious sign ” Phoenix ” ; Law, ” Warbler ” ; Qian Yeji, ” Horse ” ; To success, ” Bear ” ; Dream Zhengxiang; Plants are: Jade ” Bamboo shoots ” ; Kindness ” Bamboo ” ; Wind and ” Apricot ” ; Lin chunman, ” Flat Peach ” ; Birthday ” hellip” hellip; Different animals and plants have different meanings and can be hung according to their own needs. If there are old grandparents at home, the cranes, pines, cypresses and Toons of the Lord’s birthday are good, which is a good pattern and a good choice; If the family is going to have a wedding recently, mandarin ducks, dragons and phoenixes, lilies and other auspicious paintings symbolizing happiness can be hung

IV: the wall decoration of private spaces such as bedroom and study is exquisite. The bedroom and study belong to private space

the wall above the head of the bed in the bedroom and behind the chair in the study can not be hung with water landscape paintings, because ” Shit, To settle down. And ” Water ” ; Nature is uncertain and unreliable, so there can be mountains but not water. If you feel that the top of the bed is empty, you can hang some auspicious flower pictures; It can not only help you to think about pictures, but also improve the mood of Zhang Yunlin’s writing

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