Door to bedroom door in Feng Shui

Due to the internal planning and design of the house type, it is likely to form a shock, which will have a bad impact on the house. If the following two bad patterns appear inside the gate, they need to be adjusted and resolved in time

(1) the door faces the bedroom door

the bedroom door faces the door directly, but it’s ok as long as it doesn’t face the bed. However, if the door is facing the bedroom door, and then facing the head or end of the bed, the wealth and career of the room owner will be damaged, and the spirit will become worse. The solution is to close the bedroom door or install a secret door for a long time. Or hang a long curtain to dissolve it

(2) door to window

generally speaking, the opposite of door and window will form ” Leaky House ” ; The pattern of wealth enters from the door, but immediately slips away from the window. Even if residents earn money, it is difficult to accumulate. If the door faces the door first and then the window in a straight line, the situation will be even more serious. In addition, pay attention to the distance between the door and the window: the closer the distance, if only a few feet, the more serious the problem will be. The farther the distance is, the less wealth will slip away. If the distance is more than 5 meters, the degree of wealth loss will be greatly reduced. In this case, furniture can be placed on the channel between the door and the window, which can play a blocking role. Or put down the curtain for a long time to prevent the leakage of wealth, and the curtain cloth with thick material is the best, or install ” Double ” ; Curtains can also hang plants in front of the window to gather money

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