How to arrange the lighting in the corridor is conducive to house transportation

The corridor is a symbol of social status and credit in Feng Shui. Therefore, the first thing to pay attention to in the lighting layout of the corridor is the brightness of this part. It is better to use the astigmatic lamp with a larger irradiation range, which indicates that the homeowner is in a higher social status and has a lot of people under his control. It also shows that the homeowner has a good reputation and is famous for virtue. But now the residential corridors in the community are outdoors, belonging to the public area, which is managed by the community property department. If the sunlight can reach the corridor during the day, it’s best. If it can’t reach the corridor or at night, it’s best to set up long-term lights. First, it’s convenient for residents to walk, and second, it’s also conducive to house transportation

when installing street lamps in corridors, we should also pay attention to some problems. For example, it is not suitable to choose colorful lights to form an illusory feeling. Simply choose yellow or white lights; In addition, in the arrangement of lamps, it is best to be in a straight line, rather than adopting the odd arrangement method; At the same time, it should also be noted that the number of lamps in the corridor should not be set too much, as long as the normal lighting can be guaranteed

the living room plays a very important role in the housing, because in terms of functional zoning, the living room should be the place where the family activities for the longest time and the main space for guests’ activities. In terms of Feng Shui, the ceiling of the living room is a symbol of heaven and plays a very important role. Therefore, the main guarantee of the ceiling of the living room is brightness. In modern houses, the living room generally adopts floor windows with sufficient natural light. Usually, as long as the sun is not direct, the curtains should be opened as far as possible to let the light in

in addition, lamps should be installed on the ceiling of the living room to ensure that all corners of the living room are fully lit in the dark and at night. At the same time, several spotlights can also be installed in the corner of the living room to turn the light of the spotlight to the ceiling to ensure the brightness of the ceiling. In addition, the color of the ceiling is best to use white or light color, and it is best not to use dark color, which is also a problem that needs to be paid attention to when ensuring the brightness of the ceiling

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