How to choose curtains for different windows

Like the door, the window is also an important part of angry entry. In home feng shui, the door is compared to ” Air port, The window is also compared to the eyes of a sunny house.

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Windows not only have the functions of daylighting, ventilation, blocking wind and rain and noise, but also play an important role in broadening vision and communicating inside and outside. The upper position of the window must be higher than the person’s height, which is beneficial for the residents to gain self-confidence, and the residents do not have to bend down or squat when overlooking the outdoor landscape to make funny behavior. The lower opening of the window is sample, in which the cloth curtain has become the mainstream of the design. According to feng shui theory, we should pay attention to the combination of hardness and softness in space configuration and material selection, and the texture of cloth curtain plays a considerable role in softening space.

Curtain. The patterns of cloth are mainly printing and flower weaving. The themes of classical and modern are mainly different in color and pattern design. Classical patterns often metaphorize some historical stories, and the color will be darker and darker. Modern patterns are more geometric or free-form, and the colors will be bright and bright with strong contrast. Different fiber textures of the cloth also directly determine the texture and beauty of the curtain. The common window screen is a kind of white cotton material, which is mainly woven into patterns “. It can be used together with curtain cloth, which is conducive to creating a space feeling between transparent and impermeable.

There are some other options besides cloth curtains:

  • A transverse rolling curtain. The cloth is rolled on the reel, the lifting is controlled by a pulley device with elastic load, and a transverse round rod is added at the bottom to make the gravity sag. At present, it is widely used in the market.
  • Pleated curtain. It is supported by a single layer of pleated paper or cloth and controlled by a rope running through the whole pleated curtain. Aluminum alloy base is adopted, which has a good effect of blocking light.
  • Blinds. Most of them are made of aluminum alloy materials, but also wood strips and plastic materials . Change the amount of light entering by controlling the angle of the shutter. It is a good tool for adjusting light in design.
  • Vertical curtain. It is made of hardened cloth or PVG material. Each piece is about 9 ~ 15cm wide. It is connected with the guide rail at the top and can be moved. The bottom is connected with each other by chains. Vertical curtains are often used in large windows.
  • Rattan, bamboo or straw curtain. Decorative materials woven from natural materials can make light penetrate and provide a certain degree of shielding at the same time. Natural texture details make people feel like returning to nature, which is a good choice with style.

Curtains in different directions can refer to the five elements of the direction to make color choices.

  • Oriental curtains can be selected: green, blue, black and gray
  • The curtains in the southeast can be selected: green, blue, black and gray
  • Curtains in the South can be selected: red, purple, orange and green
  • Southwest curtains can be selected: red, purple, orange, yellow and coffee
  • Western curtains can be selected: yellow, coffee, white, gold and silver
  • The northwest curtain can be selected: blue, black, gray, white, gold and silver
  • Northern curtains can be selected: blue, black, gray, white, gold and silver
  • The curtains in the northeast can be selected: red, purple, orange, yellow and coffee

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