How to choose the color of curtains

Since ancient times, houses have windows. Because of the existence of windows, curtains are born with them. Curtains not only block the line of sight in the house, but also have the effect of decoration. Choosing a suitable curtain can not only reflect the artistic taste of the owner, but also play a role in resolving Feng Shui.

The color matching of curtains should be coordinated with the whole room. A good matching can add luster to the room, but a bad matching will be ugly. When choosing curtains, in addition to quality, the most important thing is to choose. We should not only consider what color we like, but also match the surrounding environment, so color selection is also very particular.

I. Color coordination is more harmonious

The color of the curtain should first be coordinated with the color of the whole room. If it is not matched well, it will be ugly. The color of the curtain should be darker than the wall. For example, for the light yellow wall, the curtain can choose light brown yellow.

Light red walls can be equipped with dark red curtains, so that the three-dimensional feeling comes out. The color of the curtain should match the soft decoration (i.e. soft decoration and soft decoration) at home. It is best to choose the same color system. It is not suitable for those with too large color contrast. The color should be unified. The color of walls and furniture is yellow, and the color of curtains can be beige or apricot yellow. Only in this way can there be a harmonious overall beauty.

II. Choose different colors at different locations

The color of curtains should also consider the size and purpose of the room. Different rooms with different window colors, different sizes of rooms, their curtain colors should also be different. As a host of guests, the family group living room should mainly choose elegant and generous luxurious colors in the selection of curtains, such as golden yellow, which can create a cordial atmosphere.

For spacious and large rooms, you can choose dark curtains, which can reduce loneliness and emptiness. Those rooms with small area and compact furniture can have light color curtains, which is visually conducive to expanding the sense of space.

III. Color matching should be coordinated with the four seasons

The choice of color is a very personalized thing. It is a subjective feeling, which more or less reflects your personal character. You don’t have to go with the tide. If you can’t get it on time, you can go to the model room to have a look, feel it personally, and then close your eyes, assume what kind of feeling you will have in such an environment, and then make the right choice. Seasonal changes should be considered in the color selection of curtains.

The colors in spring and autumn are mainly medium colors, such as beige, withered yellow, light black green, etc., which appear lively and lively and add vitality. Warm colors are often used in winter, which looks warm and friendly. The material should also be thick and plump flannelette, which can highlight the sense of warmth.

Cool colors are often used in summer, which makes people feel clean and cool; You can change to warm colors in winter, which looks warm and friendly. The curtains selected in summer are better in light color, and light, transparent and soft yarn or silk should also be selected in the material, so as to bring people a breathable, cool and clean feeling in the hot summer.

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