What material should I choose for the curtains

material selection

curtain styles can be varied, divided by material, including cloth curtain, gauze curtain, bamboo curtain and wood curtain. In principle, the window with plenty of sunshine shall be selected with thick and dark curtains; As for the window with insufficient sunshine, it is appropriate to use the curtain with thinner texture and lighter color

color selection

for color selection, please refer to the ” Birth season and life style indoor color comparison table ” ; To make a decision; After choosing the color, it can be combined with the following patterns to further promote the prosperity of the family house. If it is inconvenient to choose the color layout of your own life grid, you can also improve your luck by means of the pattern layout of your own life grid

birth season circle case
Spring (January to march of the lunar calendar) Oval or circular
Summer (April to June of the lunar calendar) Wavy
Autumn (July to September of the lunar calendar) Inter stripe or straight grain
Winter (October to December of the lunar calendar) Triangle

dissolve the evil spirit from the window

incidentally, the curtain has the effect of blocking the evil spirit. When the window in the house faces the sharp corner, ” Reverse Bow ” ; Overpass or other scenery with evil spirits can be installed with ” in addition to Feng Shui items; Double ” ; Curtain, that is, add a gauze curtain before the cloth curtain, and the gauze curtain should be opened as little as possible. This arrangement will not hinder the sunlight from entering the house, but also reduce the influence of punishment

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