How to set up toilet according to five elements

In the five elements, the toilet belongs to water. On the one hand, it is related to the wealth of the family, on the other hand, it is the place where dirty water and dirty gas are produced, which is easy to attract diseases. Therefore, if the toilet location is poor, it will lead to many problems. Therefore, the orientation setting of the toilet is particularly important

from the perspective of the five elements, the directions that should not be set in the toilet are as follows:

Southwest and northeast of the residence

Feng Shui analysis: Although these two directions belong to Kyrgyzstan, strong water vapor will cause ” Water overcomes Wood ” ; The pattern affects the health of family members

residential South and southwest

Feng Shui analysis: the South has heavy anger, which is easy to form a pattern of water and fire, which is also unfavorable

North and northeast of residence

Feng Shui analysis: the northeast is called ” in feng shui theory; Back ghost gate ” , If the toilet is set in this direction, it is easy to lead to adverse consequences

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