Ten taboos of Feng Shui in porch decoration

Porch can help home do a partition, one can protect the privacy of home; Second, it can help home gas gathering and prosperous transportation; Three can cut off some evil spirits. It can be seen that the porch can bring a lot of benefits to home feng shui, so many people will install the porch in the home, but do you understand the Feng Shui taboo of porch decoration

solid porch of the top ten taboos

in the decoration of the home, the porch is taboo to use solid. If the porch is dense up and down, like an airtight board, such porch will completely block the flow of the home gas field, resulting in the dead of the home

the light of the ten taboos is dark

when decorating the porch in the home, we also need to pay attention to the problem of light. After all, the porch is a major barrier at the entrance position. If the light of the porch is dark, it is equal to the environment and atmosphere of the home. It looks ten times dark. This is not conducive to wealth and prosperity, but also affects the prosperity of home transportation

the height of the porch of the top ten taboos

many people ignore the importance of the height of the porch when decorating the porch and think that there is no problem with how high the porch is; But in fact, in Feng Shui, the entrance is too high or too short is a taboo in Feng Shui; Too high porch has a sense of oppression, which is not conducive to the physical and mental health of the family; Too short porch can’t play a good role in Feng Shui

the porch of the top ten taboos is too dirty

in the decoration of the porch and the daily use of the porch, we must pay attention to the cleanliness and hygiene of the porch. We should know that if the porch is too dirty, it will not only reduce people’s impression of the owner, but also accumulate filth, which will damage the Feng Shui aura of the home

porch color of the top ten taboos

the color of the porch also has many Feng Shui taboos. Generally speaking, the color of the porch should use some warm and bright colors, such as the color of the warm color system, which can bring a feeling of warmth and love to the home! And should not use some deep colors, otherwise it will make people feel dead at home

porch mirrors of the top ten taboos

when decorating the porch, you must not place mirrors in the porch. Facing the door is a very taboo thing in Feng Shui. Such a layout is very unfavorable

porch vases of the top ten taboos

many people like to place vases in the porch in order to decorate the environment and make the position of the entrance door more poetic; But in fact, placing vases in the porch will threaten the feelings of husband and wife and provoke a lot of rotten peach blossoms

porch wall clocks of the top ten taboos

in life, many people will place wall clocks on the porch, mainly to make it easier for their families to see the time, but in fact, the porch wall clock has an unlucky meaning and is a Feng Shui taboo that we need to pay attention to. You must not despise these taboos

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