Feng shui knowledge of commercial housing decoration

Feng Shui has become a major event that people have to pay attention to. After all, as the saying goes ” One life, two fortunes and three Feng Shui ” , From these words, we can know that feng shui will be related to our fortune, feng shui will be related to our destiny, and the influence of Feng Shui is so great, how can we ignore the statement? In that case, what is the most complete decoration feng shui knowledge in history? Let’s have a look

it’s unlucky to see the toilet at the entrance

in the decoration of the home, the pattern of seeing the toilet at the entrance is very unlucky. According to the stress of Feng Shui, we should see the hall at the entrance, not the toilet at the entrance! If you open the door to the home, you will directly see the existence of the toilet. The toilet and the door of the home rush directly. This pattern directly touches the taboo in Feng Shui, which will lead to the decline of home luck, the bad feng shui atmosphere of home, the bad luck of home and the bad luck of noble people! But if the pattern of home can be introduced to the living room, it can make the home prosperous

two doors are relatively unlucky

in the decoration of home, it is not suitable to have two doors relative pattern, whether the toilet door is facing the kitchen door, or the bedroom door is opposite to the bedroom door, for example, the kitchen door is facing the home door, etc. as long as the two doors are relative pattern, it will inevitably damage the reputation of home, and will lead to a very rigid relationship between family members, and even lead to family disputes and so on! Because ” Door ” ; Is ” Port ” , When two doors are opposite, it will form ” Two people fight ” ; This pattern will lead to family quarrels and contradictions, and deepen the estrangement of family members! It can be seen that this pattern is unlucky. We have to pay attention to it when decorating

toilet is unlucky to occupy Zhonggong

in the decoration of home, the pattern, location and layout of toilet are very important, because if the feng shui of toilet is not properly arranged, the foul air will have a great impact on the feng shui of home! Therefore, you also need to have a clear understanding of the feng shui knowledge of toilet decoration! Feng Shui believes that the toilet should not be located in the middle palace of the house. If the toilet is located in the center of the whole direction, it will form ” The toilet occupies the middle Palace ” ; This pattern affects not only Feng Shui, but also the health of family members and the development of family transportation! If it goes on for a long time, it will lead to the decline of family luck

irregular room arrangement

in the home decoration, we also need to pay attention to the irregular room arrangement! Irregular rooms refer to rooms that are irregular in shape and not square enough, and these rooms can never be used as bedrooms, study rooms, living rooms and kitchens, because irregular rooms have bad feng shui atmosphere and are only suitable for use as utility rooms! We also need to pay attention to this knowledge when decorating

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