Which places in the home are not suitable for setting up dog houses

First of all, the dog house should not be located in a position that conflicts with the orientation of the dog Zodiac. As mentioned above, the conflict between dragon and chicken and dog, so the southwest and west of the house are not suitable for setting up a dog house.

Secondly, the dog house should not be set near the fish tank, otherwise it is very unfavorable. The fish tank is full of water. Dogs belong to the soil. Soil conquers water, which will not only inhibit the wealth generating effect of Feng Shui fish, but also absorb the anger of dogs, which is unfavorable to pet dogs and Feng Shui fish. Carp are kept in the fish tank, and the dog kennel is not close to the fish tank. Carp have ” Dragon ” ; Qi is against dogs. The five behaviors of the toilet are water and more turbid, and the dog house should not be opposite to the toilet.

In addition, like a cat’s nest, it is not suitable to set up a dog house in the place where evil spirits collide with each other at home. For example, corners of walls and tables, under ceiling chandeliers and under beams should be avoided. It’s best to lean against the wall of the dog house. There is a backer behind it. It’s good for both dogs and their families.

Which direction is good for building a kennel?

According to Feng Shui rules, a kennel should face either the east or southeast direction. This is because these directions are associated with the energy of the sun, which is considered to be a source of yang (positive) energy. By facing east or southeast, the kennel can receive this beneficial energy, which can help to promote good health, vitality, and overall well-being for the animals that live there.

Additionally, it is recommended that the kennel be built on high ground, in an area that is elevated and dry. This is important because it can help to prevent water from accumulating around the kennel, which can lead to dampness and mold growth. It can also help to provide better ventilation and airflow, which can keep the animals cool and comfortable during hot weather.

Overall, by following these Feng Shui guidelines when building a kennel, you can help to create a space that is not only functional and practical, but also promotes positive energy and well-being for the animals that live there.

What issues should dog house pay attention to?

When building a dog house or kennel, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that the animals living there are happy, healthy, and comfortable. Here are some issues to pay attention to:

  • Size: The dog house should be large enough for the dog to move around comfortably but not too large that it feels cavernous for them. The size should depend on the size of the dog.
  • Location: The dog house should be in a location that is dry, well-ventilated and protected from the elements. It should ideally face east or southeast to receive the beneficial energy of the sun.
  • Insulation: The dog house should be well insulated to keep the dogs warm in cold weather and cool in hot conditions.
  • Material: The material you use to build the dog house should be durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean.
  • Bedding: The dog house should have adequate bedding that’s comfortable and warm. You can use soft cloth towels, fleece, or other bedding that’s designed for pets.
  • Safety: The kennel should be secure and fenced in to prevent the dogs from wandering off or getting into accidents.

By paying attention to these issues, you can create a dog house or kennel that is safe, comfortable, and promotes good health for your furry friends.

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