Which places in the home are not suitable for setting up dog houses

First of all, the dog house should not be located in a position that conflicts with the orientation of the dog Zodiac. As mentioned above, the conflict between dragon and chicken and dog, so the southwest and west of the house are not suitable for setting up a dog house

secondly, the dog house should not be set near the fish tank, otherwise it is very unfavorable. The fish tank is full of water. Dogs belong to the soil. Soil conquers water, which will not only inhibit the wealth generating effect of Feng Shui fish, but also absorb the anger of dogs, which is unfavorable to pet dogs and Feng Shui fish. Carp are kept in the fish tank, and the dog kennel is not close to the fish tank. Carp have ” Dragon ” ; Qi is against dogs. The five behaviors of the toilet are water and more turbid, and the dog house should not be opposite to the toilet

in addition, like a cat’s nest, it is not suitable to set up a dog house in the place where evil spirits collide with each other at home. For example, corners of walls and tables, under ceiling chandeliers and under beams should be avoided. It’s best to lean against the wall of the dog house. There is a backer behind it. It’s good for both dogs and their families

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