What Feng Shui effect does the threshold have

nowadays, there are few design thresholds for urban houses, and many young people may not have seen the threshold. In fact, if you repair your own house, you might as well design a threshold for your own door, because in Feng Shui, the threshold plays a role in seeking good luck and avoiding bad luck. Residential geomantic omen emphasizes both communication and resistance. The gate is an air port connected with the outside world, and the threshold can play a certain protective role on the gate

firstly, it can cushion the overflow of vigorous Qi in the home, and secondly, it can block the evil Qi outside the house. For example, roads, corridors and passages facing the gate are unlucky in Feng Shui and are considered to have committed ” Piercing the heart, Will rush to the house, and setting a threshold at the bottom of the gate can play a certain role in resolving it. However, the design of the threshold should be moderate. If it is too high, it will hinder travel. In particular, children with toddlers at home must be looked after when playing around the threshold. Finally, the threshold should be kept intact and tidy in order to have a good feng shui effect

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