What color should be used for the decoration of children’s room

The color of children’s room directly affects children’s physical and mental health and Feng Shui of children’s room, which needs careful arrangement in decoration. Generally speaking, the children’s room is suitable for quiet and peaceful colors without losing their inflexibility. For example, green is a peaceful color, which has the function of calming the nerves, has a good beneficial effect on children’s anti-interference and preventing irritability, and is conducive to children’s quiet learning and thinking

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for example, sky blue and light blue are also more suitable for children’s room. The blue environment can make people feel quiet and open-minded, which is helpful for children to study and cultivate a broad mind

in addition, the use of color in children’s room should also be distinguished according to the age of children. Generally speaking, children aged 0 ~ 3 should use bright pure color, which is conducive to cultivating children’s recognition and discrimination of color; For children over 3 years old, some hard or soft colors rich in changes can be used, such as pink, lake blue, grass green, etc

from the perspective of Feng Shui decoration, solid color is conducive to the stability and stability of Feng Shui in homes, and is easy for children to grow steadily and healthily, but pure black should not be used. Flowery colors can make people feel restless, affect reading and learning, and easily cause fluctuations in home feng shui

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