What about people who are short of water

Traditional Feng Shui has always had ” Mountain owner Ding Shuizhu wealth ” ; According to the saying, it means that if the house depends on good mountains, the population will flourish, while if it depends on good water, the wealth will flourish. Since ancient times, people with conditions in China have the habit of building houses close to good water sources. There are two famous financial water layouts in the houses of the famous corrupt officials in Chinese history, those who love money and I Shen

first of all, Prince Gong’s residence in Hekun is located on the water dragon vein of Beijing, that is, the connecting line between Houhai and Beihai. The external Feng Shui is very good. The Wannian greedy man, who takes accumulating wealth as his ultimate goal in life, built two famous water for Attracting Wealth in his own home. One is the Huxin Pavilion in the backyard of Prince Gong’s residence. Its water is introduced from yuquanhu, and it can only enter but not exit, forming a state of wealth. At that time, only the royal family could use the water of Yuquan lake, and others needed the special approval of the emperor. It can be seen that Hekun attached great importance to water for wealth

in the backyard of Prince Gong’s residence, there is also a small pavilion for playing chess with Kun. There is a trunk road and sink on the ground of the pavilion. When he Kun sings wine and poetry to others, the water moves slowly with the wine cup in the world. Whoever stops in front of him has to recite poetry. The wonder of this sink is that from the East, the sink is a word of water, and from the south, it is a word of longevity, which means to attract wealth and add longevity. Nowadays, many tourists must take a step from this water character when they visit Prince Gong’s residence, thinking it can increase their wealth

today’s people are limited to many external factors. Of course, we can’t choose the location of the water dragon vein or draw the water from Yuquan lake like Hekun, but we might as well learn from his seriousness in small and medium-sized Feng Shui in his house and create a water level for his family to expand financial resources

If our house is lucky enough to choose the so-called river view room, sea view room and lake view room, don’t be happy too early. First observe whether the flow direction of this piece of water is consistent with the sitting direction of your house. If the flow direction of water is consistent with the sitting direction of your house, it is the Shunshui Bureau, which is a phase of discharging wealth, which may rush away your family’s wealth. If the flow direction of the water is opposite to that of the house, it is a reverse water bureau, which is acceptable. If the water flow is parallel to the direction of the house, it is more auspicious

people who are short of water can place more aquatic animals and plants at home, but it should be noted that they should not be placed in the auspicious position, let alone in the wealth position. The principle of aquatic wealth is to turn the declining Qi into auspicious Qi, and the decline position of water at home can play its role better

of course, as the water that attracts auspicious fortune in Feng Shui, it must meet some strict requirements, which is the so-called ” The left water is beautiful. You should see four joys, one is around the bend, the other is gathering, the third is bright and clean, and the fourth is peace ” ” The water moves, and the beauty lies in stillness. What is the stillness? * stasis is quiet while calm is “. In other words, the auspicious water should be clean and gentle, and the water must be living water Do not stagnate water, but the flow of water should not be too rapid, otherwise it is not conducive to the accumulation of wealth. Water quality should be ” Its color is green, its taste is sweet, its smell is fragrant, and the Lord is expensive, That is to say, the water source must be good water with clear color and sweet taste. If the house gets this kind of water source, the owner must be rich and noble. Of course, it is almost impossible for us to get this kind of water source today, so try to keep the water source clear and gentle

in addition to setting up appropriate wealth water sources at home, it is also very important not to deposit unclean water sources at home. The water in the fish tank should be changed from time to time. The bathroom should be kept clean. Do not accumulate overnight dishes in the kitchen. Dirty dishwashing water not only breeds bacteria and is harmful to health, but also may scare away your wealth

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