What kind of gate can attract wealth

For a shop, the size of the door is very important: if the door is too small, it will produce a sense of oppression and can not widely absorb wealth, so that the owner of the shop can not make a lot of money; On the contrary, if the door of the shop is too large, it will release the wealth in the shop, which is also unlucky

therefore, the gate of the shop should be controlled within a certain range. Within this range, the wider the gate, the more auspicious it is

In addition, the position of the gate is also very important. For many businesses, they will open the door in the middle. In fact, the gate does not have to be opened in the middle, but on the left. Because in Feng Shui, the left is the leading position, so opening the door on the left will bring good fortune

for shops, the gate should not be too small, but it should not be too big. In addition, the gate can be opened on the left, because in Feng Shui, the left is the leading position, which can bring good fortune to the shopkeeper

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