Feng Shui in house decoration

House decoration and decoration are full of feng shui knowledge. If we can understand these knowledge, we can better create a good home feng shui! But if you don’t understand these knowledge, it’s difficult to form a good home feng shui, and even a taboo of accidentally touching Feng Shui! In that case, what are the feng shui knowledge of decoration in the house? Let’s have a look

the balcony is facing the kitchen

in the pattern of home, the balcony is facing the kitchen. Such decoration is unlucky. Feng Shui believes that the kitchen is the whole household Treasury, which will be related to the wealth and fortune of the family. Therefore, the kitchen must hide wind and gather Qi in order to make the family prosperous. That’s right. The kitchen can’t face the balcony. If the pattern of your home is decorated, the kitchen is opposite to the balcony, and the balcony is a place with air circulation. In this way, the balcony faces the kitchen, which will easily lead to the lack of Feng Shui in the kitchen and the lack of wealth in the kitchen. In the final analysis, it will still cause great want to the wealth of the family! Therefore, in any case, in the decoration of the home, the balcony can not be directly facing the kitchen

the balcony is decorated with plants

in the decoration of home, many people like to put some plants on the balcony. Plants can effectively improve the environment of the balcony and make the air of home clearer and have the breath of nature. It is a very good decorative technique; In addition, placing potted plants on the balcony can also create a feeling of aerial garden and make our life colorful. However, it should be noted that too many potted plants should not be placed on the balcony, especially some climbing rattan plants, which can not be placed on the balcony. Because these plants will completely block the light of the sun and affect the ventilation of the balcony. In this way, the air in the home cannot circulate and the sun cannot shine. It can be imagined that the impact of Feng Shui on the whole home

the decoration of placing beast pictures in the living room

hanging paintings and decorative paintings are very common in today’s home decoration. Especially many people will place hanging paintings in the living room, because the hanging paintings in the living room can make the living room more unique. However, it should be noted that there is also a lot of knowledge to pay attention to in the placement of hanging pictures in the living room. For example, the living room is more suitable for placing auspicious decorative drawings. The common ones are surplus every year, flowers bloom and gather wealth. Placing these hanging paintings in the living room can effectively improve the Feng Shui aura of the living room and help the family improve their fortunes. However, it should be noted that it is not suitable to place the beast map in the living room. In the knowledge of Feng Shui decoration, it is also said that placing the beast map in the living room will lead to the decline of the living room atmosphere and the irritability of the family at the same time

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