Boys’ knowledge of Feng Shui in room decoration

Boys’ room decoration also needs to pay attention to some knowledge in Feng Shui. After all, children’s room is where they grow up. All the decoration of the room accompanies children’s growth and carries children’s childhood memory! It is more related to children’s growth and learning fortune. How can parents ignore this? In that case, you might as well learn some feng shui knowledge about boys’ room decoration

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pink should not be used in the room

many parents will decorate the room as pink and tender, and even raise boys as girls. In fact, men and women are different, and boys’ houses must not be dressed as pink. Because pink is a more feminine color, which is more suitable for girls’ personality. If you use pink in your daughter’s room, there is nothing wrong. However, if pink is used in a boy’s room, it will only lead to the boy’s personality being more biased towards girls, which will lead to the boy getting closer to girls in all aspects, and even lead to the boy becoming a person without responsibility and sense of responsibility. In this way, it has a great impact on children’s growth and personality, which is unfavorable to children’s physical and mental health. Therefore, pink must not be used in boys’ rooms

there should not be a beam above the bed

in the child’s room, there should not be a beam above the bed. You must pay attention to this! The beam above the bed is equal to oppressing the feng shui of the bed, and the bed is the place for children to rest and sleep, which is closely related to children’s growth and sleep! If there is a beam above the bed, it will cause great pressure on the child’s small mind, resulting in greater mental pressure and nerve pressure, which is also detrimental to the child’s growth. From the perspective of Feng Shui, there is a beam above the bed, which will also oppress the child’s fortune, affecting the child’s growth fortune and learning fortune

Wenchang orientation of the room

in addition, in the layout and decoration of the children’s room, we must also pay attention to the arrangement of Wenchang orientation! Because from the perspective of Feng Shui, Wenchang position is related to the orientation of children’s learning fortune. If Wenchang position is properly arranged, it can effectively help children learn and improve and make children’s learning fortune more smooth. However, if the layout and decoration of Wenchang are inappropriate, it will only lead to children’s learning without success! Feng Shui believes that it is best to put desks in Wenchang, and large homes, wardrobe, combination cabinet, etc. must not be placed, because once Wenchang is oppressed by gravity, children’s learning fortune will only be affected. But if we put desks in Wenchang, we can improve children’s learning fortune

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