How many taboos of Feng Shui in new house decoration

The decoration of new houses has a lot of knowledge and taboos. We should not only understand the knowledge, but also know the Feng Shui taboos. After all, the Feng Shui taboo of new house decoration is related to the quality of our new house Feng Shui. If you really touch the Feng Shui taboo, the feng shui of your new house will only become very bad. In that case, how much do you know about the taboo of Feng Shui in new house decoration

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the bed should be placed facing the West

in the decoration of the new house, we must pay attention to that the bed should not be placed facing the West! First of all, lying in bed facing west will not be conducive to the health of the human body, but also affect the sleep of the family. After all, lying in bed facing west will lead to non circulation of family blood, which will damage the health of family members. So in any case, do not put the bed to the West. Secondly, China has always turned the West into a paradise, a place to return after people die. When the bed is placed to the west, the moral is also very unlucky, which means that his time is not long. If he goes on like this for a long time, he may threaten his health and life. Therefore, in any case, you can’t put the head of the bed facing west

use red in the bedroom

many people like to use red in the bedroom of their new house because red is festive! There is no denying that red is indeed a very festive color; However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, red is still a color to the sun, and the fire of red is very heavy. If you use red in a large area in the bedroom, or even cover the whole bedroom space with red, such decoration will only lead to too heavy fire in the bedroom, resulting in constant quarrels and contradictions between husband and wife! It will also cause the couple’s temper to become very hot, and ultimately affect the harmony of their relationship! Therefore, the use of red in the bedroom is unlucky and a taboo in Feng Shui

avoid putting fish tanks in water

in the decoration of new houses, many people are keen to put some items to decorate the indoor space. For example, many people will put fish tanks in the room. The aquarium can decorate the space of the new house. In addition, I heard that the aquarium also has the function of attracting money, which can effectively improve the Feng Shui aura of the home! So many people will choose to put fish tanks in their new houses! But in fact, there are a lot of stress and taboos in the placement of fish tanks. Among them, the placement of fish tanks must pay attention to the five elements. For example, people who avoid water can never put fish tanks in their new house! Because the five elements of the fish tank belong to water, if you avoid water, you still have to place the fish tank in the room, which will only overcome your own destiny, thus affecting your own fortune

the light is too dark

in the decoration of the new house, we must also pay attention to the matters of light! Light is what determines the success or failure of Feng Shui. Generally speaking, the light in the new house must be bright and sufficient, so as to form a good feng shui

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