Feng Shui precautions for decoration of duplex buildings

In the feng shui of building decoration, there are many matters that we have to pay attention to. After all, these matters determine the feng shui of the building, and the feng shui of the building determines our luck; In other words, if you want your luck to be smooth, you have to pay attention to the decoration and Feng Shui of the house. In that case, what are the precautions for Feng Shui in the decoration of duplex buildings

decoration of stairs

since it is a duplex building, stairs are essential. The stairs connect the upstairs and downstairs, which is an important channel in the duplex building. At the same time, it is also the key to determine the quality of indoor Feng Shui. Therefore, you must know clearly about the decoration of stairs and Feng Shui matters. Generally speaking, the location and orientation of stairs are very particular. According to Feng Shui, the location of stairs cannot be located in the middle palace. After all, the middle palace is the circulation direction of the gas field in the home. If the stairs are located in the middle palace, it will affect the Feng Shui gas field of the house and damage the fortune of the family; Secondly, the orientation of the staircase entrance cannot face the gate, which is also a taboo matter that we must pay attention to in decoration. After all, in Feng Shui, when the stairs face the door, it will send out the wealth of the home, which will lead to the deterioration of the wealth of the home. Therefore, when the duplex building is decorated, these two matters can not be ignored

if you feel oppressive, you should pay attention to

duplex buildings are generally two-story duplex buildings. In order to make the indoor space of the house wider and more space available, some people will cover the connecting parts of the duplex buildings with partitions and decorate them into a complete two-story building. However, such decoration will only narrow the floor spacing of the home, As a result, the family lives in an oppressive space for a long time. Such decoration is very unlucky and will pose a great threat to the mental health of the family. Therefore, in any case, the duplex building can not be decorated in this way and can not have a sense of oppression. You need to pay attention to this matter

layout matters of the pattern

in duplex buildings, we also need to pay attention to the layout matters of the pattern. After all, the layout of the pattern is related to the overall Feng Shui, and how the pattern, layout and Feng shui will be. Therefore, if you want to create a good feng shui environment and a good home feng shui, you need to pay attention to the layout matters of the pattern! Feng Shui believes that the pattern with a bathroom in the bedroom is very bad. This pattern will affect the Feng Shui aura of the bedroom, thus undermining our healthy fortune. Therefore, it is best not to have a toilet in the bedroom; Secondly, the kitchen cannot face the door. This pattern will affect the wealth in the home and lead to the lack of wealth in the home. Of course, there are still many things about the pattern

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