Is raising snakes good for Feng Shui

Modern people have more and more kinds of pets, and snakes are also one of the common pets. However, from the perspective of Feng Shui, it is not suitable to raise snakes at home in some cases

first of all, the house is too big or the home is too dark and cold. Raising snakes is not conducive to the health of the owner. Because snakes are cold-blooded animals, they are also considered as negative animals in Feng Shui, and the Qi of yin and cold is heavier. It was originally very cold in the home. Raising snakes will increase the cold air in the home, which is not conducive to gathering the prosperous air. In particular, the elderly and children have poor resistance and are easy to get sick

secondly, the house is too hot and humid to raise snakes. Some houses are located on the top floor, and the thermal insulation performance of the roof is poor; Some houses have windows facing west and large openings. They belong to fire houses on Feng Shui. These houses are not suitable for raising snakes. Too much yang and too hot will affect the health of pet snakes

once again, people with pigs in their family are not suitable for raising snakes. As the saying goes ” A snake entangles a pig, which is bitter all his life, It means that people who belong to snakes are not suitable to combine with people who belong to pigs, and people who belong to pigs are not suitable to keep pet snakes, so as not to affect their luck

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