Feng Shui problems in villa kitchen decoration

With the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more people will choose to buy villas. The kitchen in the villa is in charge of people’s wealth and health. Therefore, the Feng Shui layout of the villa kitchen will also have a lot of Feng Shui stress. So what Feng Shui problems need to be avoided in the villa kitchen? Let’s introduce it to you

1. Choose open kitchen carefully

there is a higher chance of open kitchen in the villa. The open kitchen will have a more sense of design and space, which can be reflected in the villa and make the whole space look more luxurious. However, the open kitchen will have some defects in Feng Shui, that is, it is easy to expose the stove, resulting in the weakening of the ability to gather wealth. In addition, the oil fume and smell of the open kitchen will emit faster, which will make the home environment worse and affect the health of the family. If you choose an open kitchen in a villa, you should be cautious. There are many Feng Shui problems to overcome

2. The choice of kitchen orientation

the choice of kitchen orientation is very important. We should pay attention to it whether in villas or ordinary families. If we choose the wrong location, it will bring many bad effects. Since you are the one who chose the villa, you are more concerned about feng shui. If you don’t want to ask feng shui master to deal with it, it is suggested that you can choose the East. The East represents vitality, and the sunrise East has a positive meaning. Setting the kitchen in this place can not only make the Feng Shui in the kitchen better, but also improve the fortune of the house

3. Pay attention to ventilation in the villa kitchen

oil fume will be produced when we cook in the kitchen. If the ventilation is not done well, the air in the kitchen will become turbid and it will be easy to accumulate oil fume and produce bacteria. In addition, it will also make the evil spirit in the kitchen unable to flow out normally. Excessive accumulation in the kitchen will make the Feng Shui environment in the kitchen unstable. The poor ventilation in the kitchen will lead to excessive anger, the mood of the family will become bad, disputes will occur, the relationship between the family will become bad, and the husband and wife will lose peace, which will bring many adverse effects

4. Avoid multiple kitchens in villas

villas will have a large area and more rooms. Some people will set up multiple kitchens for convenience, but they don’t know that this is also a big taboo in Feng Shui. The kitchen also represents our Treasury, which is closely related to the development of wealth and fortune. If there are multiple kitchens, it will divide our wealth and have a certain impact on the development of wealth and fortune. If there are multiple kitchens in the same home environment, the whole Feng Shui environment will become chaotic. Even if Feng Shui problems occur, it is difficult to develop, so it is best not to have multiple kitchens in the villa

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