How to place the bed

No matter whether any side of the bed is against the wall, it’s best not to have a window open to the outside on the wall, especially on the wall near the head of the bed. From the perspective of use, first, it is inconvenient to open and close the window, second, it is easy to accumulate dust on the window, and third, it is easy to cause family members to suffer from wind and cold. From the perspective of visual and psychological feeling, the position of the bed should be as stable as possible with a sense of security to ensure the quality of rest

when observing the bedroom, you should pay attention to whether there is a complete wall in the room and whether the indoor door or bathroom door open to the room is in a proper position, so as to place the bed calmly and properly. In addition, one side of the bed is close to the wall, so it’s best not to open the window. There should be no large landing window at the head of the bed in the bedroom, and there should be no window at the head of the bed in the house on the first floor. Heavy curtains are useless for shielding, which is a big taboo for the bedroom

I. there should be no gap at the head of the bed

the head of the bed should be placed against the wall, and there should be no gap with the wall. This is called backer in Feng Shui, otherwise it is easy to cause hallucinations and depression due to lack of security. And if the bedside back board is square or semicircular, it is auspicious, but remember not to use triangles. Triangle belongs to fire in the five elements. If it is used at the head of the bed, it represents that the spirit of the master will be poor and grumpy

II. the head of the bed cannot face the mirror directly

the mirror has the function of reflecting evil Qi in Feng Shui, so the mirror cannot face the bed directly. In addition, too many mirrors cannot be placed in the bedroom. Too many mirrors will seriously affect the quality of sleep and even cause diseases. The best way is to install a mirror on the door in the wardrobe. When dressing up, open the cabinet door and a mirror will be available. The mirror can’t face the bedroom window, which disturbs the atmosphere of the home and makes it difficult for the family to be calm

III. the bed should be oriented from north to South

the north-south direction corresponds to the magnetic attraction of the earth. Sitting north to south is beneficial to physical and mental health. When the human body is sleeping in the north-south direction, the direction of people’s sleep is the same as that of the magnetic field of the earth’s north and south. At this time, people can’t sleep in the West. If the head is facing west, the blood will rush to the top of the head, and the sleep is unstable. If the head is facing east, There will be a comfortable and quiet feeling

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