How to use artificial lighting to improve house transportation

Artificial lighting is a necessary setting at home. Good use can increase house transportation, while bad use will naturally reduce house transportation. The design details need to be seen according to the specific situation of the room, but there are some common problems that should be avoided in lighting design

first of all, the brightness of the light should be designed according to the needs of the room. For example, the light required in the bathroom may be relatively strong, while the light in the bedroom is mainly moderate

secondly, the time of using lights should not be too long. Lights will produce a certain magnetic field. Using lights for too long will not only affect people’s vision, but also make people tired and irritable, and affect learning and work efficiency

thirdly, the light cannot be turned to the mirror, which will produce strong reflection and form ” Reflective brake, Seriously affect people’s health

finally, there are some special requirements in the design of different types of lamps. For example, the chandelier in the room cannot be hung too low, otherwise it will give people a depressing feeling; The light of the desk lamp should not be too concentrated, otherwise it will damage your eyesight

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