What should we pay attention to when placing potted plants

some small problems should be paid attention to in the placement of potted plants, so as to achieve the best Feng Shui effect. Potted plants should not be placed in the center of the room. They will restrain the local atmosphere of the house. This has a great impact on the transportation of the house. We must remember

potted plants should not be placed in places with poor ventilation and lighting conditions. Plants do not grow well, which is unfavorable to house transportation. Potted plants should not be placed in places where people come and go and activities are more frequent. In this way, the popularity is too strong, which will rush at the aura of the plants and make the plants look less vivid

potted plants placed in the doorway or corridor must be kept at a certain distance from people. It is recommended not to place potted plants in narrow corridors and not spacious room doorways. The placement of potted plants should also be coordinated with the size of the house. Large potted plants should be selected for spacious rooms, and small and medium-sized potted plants should be selected for small rooms

in addition, potted plants should be taken care of carefully. Potted plants that need watering should be watered frequently. The branches and leaves of potted plants should be kept clean, not covered with dust, and the fallen dead leaves should be treated in time. As a part of the family, potted plant itself is alive and spirited. Its growth momentum is closely connected with its appearance, temperament and house transportation

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