Hanging position of living room clock

Many people know that building houses and buying houses should pay attention to ” Feng Shui, If the clocks and watches at home are also related to Feng Shui, maybe not many people will notice this. It is better to hang the clock in the home in a square shape, because the home should be quiet rather than moving, and the square clock looks more stable, which also symbolizes that the family is comfortable in the room; It is suitable to hang round clocks and watches in the office. The main business is like rotation and the door is like a market

if the clock style is triangular, hexagonal or octagonal, it means that people in the house are easy to disagree, there are more right and wrong, and there are more contradictions between them; It’s not appropriate to hang a big clock in the room. For one thing, it sounds ” When, when, ” hellip” hellip;” ; The sound of the bell is easy to make people afraid and lead to trance. Secondly, it is also suspected of grabbing the host from the guest. It symbolizes that the elders in the house are not dignified and the children are not obedient

if the structure of the house is not well designed, the clock can be hung in the house. For example, if the doors and windows in the room are opposite and the doors and windows form a straight line, you can hang clocks on a wall on the opposite straight line. Other clocks are best hung from south to north, which means that the house is safe

in addition, it’s best not to hang too many clocks at home. No matter in the living room or bedroom, only one clock can be hung in each room; If you hang too much, the peaceful atmosphere in the room will be destroyed. In the long run, the people in the house will become anxious and worry about themselves

since ancient times, Chinese people have paid attention to the beauty of nature and symmetry. Therefore, those large clocks pay attention to symmetry when hanging. For example, the left and right sides of Western clocks are equipped with candlesticks, while in old-fashioned Chinese families, porcelain bottles are placed on the left and right sides of clocks. All large, gorgeous and noble clocks, whether Western or Chinese antique, are considered a ” REDOR ” , Naturally, it needs to be hung in an obvious position at home, and there can be no sundries around

large clocks, such as floor clocks, are usually about 2 meters high. They can only be placed in the corner of the house. It’s not beautiful to put them in the middle. Those larger clocks and wall clocks hanging on the wall should be hung in the middle of the wall. If the room is relatively small, they can also be hung on the door

all clocks and watches with the functions of reporting points and playing music should be hung in the living room. Some clocks and watches with loud sound when moving around are not suitable to be placed in the bedroom, which will affect the sleep quality of users

quartz clocks, especially those radio wave clocks, should avoid being too close to televisions, microwave ovens, refrigerators, computers and other electrical appliances

if the clock is placed in the window, it is not good to be directly exposed to the sun for a long time. Especially for the clock with plastic shell, the direct sunlight is easy to change the color of its shell. In addition, close to the window, the temperature change, humidity and dust are relatively large

The color of the clock and watch should be in proportion to the height of the room and the color of the clock and watch, and should be consistent with the height of the clock and watch

clocks and watches are essential for families. In addition to their own functions, they can also be used as indoor decorations. What are the functions of clocks and watches in Feng Shui? Clocks and watches are dynamic. They have the function of removing the old and welcoming the new, as well as the effect of repeated changes. Therefore, the hanging of clocks and watches must be paid attention to. Here are the precautions for hanging clocks and watches:

first, only one main clock is needed, and no more than one small alarm clock can be placed in other rooms. If there are too many clocks and watches hanging in the house, the air of peace in the house will be unstable, and people in the house often have repeated and changeable troubles

2. The clock in the house should be square, and try to avoid using round, diamond, hexagon or other irregular shapes. Because the round clock will make the people in the house uneasy, while other clocks of various shapes will make some unnecessary disputes in the house. Only the square clock is the most suitable

III. for houses with relatively small area, it is not suitable to hang Big Ben at home. On the one hand, it is noisy and dominating, on the other hand, the bell makes people have a ” Empty ” ; The effect of

IV. the clock is suitable to hang on the auspicious side and face the evil side, which can well block and turn away the evil things on the opposite side

if you want to hang the clock in the living room, there are several points that need special attention:

first, you can place or hang the clock in the rosefinch square, because the rosefinch square is in front, and the front belongs to the mover

2. Clocks can be placed or hung on the Green Dragon Square. Because the Green Dragon Square is a auspicious square, it is also suitable to hang clocks on the left of the living room

III. do not place or hang the clock on the white tiger side, because the white tiger side is the fierce side, so the clock should not be placed on the right side of the living room

IV. don’t put or hang the clock in the Xuanwu square, because the Xuanwu square is the rear, so it should be quiet rather than moving

v. the clock should not be hung above the sofa, otherwise, people who often sit in this position are prone to physical problems

VI. hanging the clock in the bedroom is roughly the same as that in the living room, but it is not suitable to hang the clock at the head and tail of the bed

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