What lamp is better in the living room

Lighting is a magician who changes the fixed space. A person who is good at using lighting can create a warm and harmonious beauty in his living space and get full rest in body and mind. The living room is the place for family gatherings and mood sharing, as well as the representation of family harmony and interpersonal relations. Therefore, the lighting layout should be based on the principle of warmth. Because modern decoration usually takes halogen embedded lamp as the mainstream, if people who use this kind of lamp decoration install a foggy glass under the embedded lamp, the projected light can be softer

the light in the living room must be brighter than that in the room. This is the so-called ” Bright hall and dark room ” ;. Only those with a height of more than 3.6m in the living room can use suspended lamps. If the height of the living room is relatively low, the chandelier will hinder the gas field of the space and have a sense of oppression. However, the light emitted through the crystal is the most helpful to improve the gas field, so the crystal chandelier can be the first choice when choosing the lamps in the living room

the most taboo thing about the lighting in the living room is to irradiate directly from the top of the head. In particular, pay attention not to install fluorescent lamps in the living room. As I told you earlier, the light sense of fluorescent lamps is closest to natural light. After returning home, you should have a feeling of working in the sun, so you can’t get proper rest. If you go on like this for a long time, you will be irritable and aging

the shape of the lamp should be round, and the number of 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 can attract noble people. It is not suitable to use those numbers representing hard work, such as 3 and 13, as well as the number 7 representing dispute or the number 14 representing death

therefore, we should pay attention to the following points when purchasing and installing lighting:

first, the lamp type should not be complex

when selecting the lamp type, we should not choose those with too complex shapes. Do not use some strange shapes, such as snake shaped and vine shaped lamps, because such lamps often cause some inexplicable problems for people living here, And it can’t be solved

II. flowers should not go down

if you like to install some flower shaped lamps at home, you must pay attention to the flower shape with upward opening when purchasing. Never install the flower shape with drooping shape, which will make you have no vitality like withered and withered flowers in your future work and life

III. avoid being vertical

when installing and arranging the tube lamps on the ceiling, pay attention not to be in a vertical straight line with the people sitting below, because the tube lamps are like a sharp sword, which is easy to cause unnecessary disputes between the homeowner and others

IV. avoid pink light

the color of light is mainly yellow and slightly white. It is forbidden to use the pink light that attracts peach blossom or the blue light that causes physical pain

v. avoid many light sources

the living room is a place for family and friends to gather. Therefore, the lights in the living room are often scattered in the living room with a bright and soft light feeling. If there are many light sources, you should try to use the lighting of the same elements, so as to maintain the coordination of the overall style. If the living room area is relatively large, lighting can be used to solve the division between areas. For example, warm chandeliers should be selected on the dining table to create a warm dining atmosphere

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