Detailed explanation of feng shui knowledge in living room decoration

Add points to your financial career, living room decoration feng shui knowledge , ” When the wind blows, the air dissipates and the boundary water stops. The ancients gathered together to make it not scattered, and there was a stop to make it, so it was called Feng Shui” ; Using Feng Shui to arm the Yang house will bring benefits without harm. Generally speaking, Feng Shui in the living room focuses on plenty of sunshine and bright lights. The bright living room owner has strong luck and everything goes well

feng shui knowledge of living room decoration

feng shui knowledge of living room lighting decoration
a bright living room means that noble people are very prosperous, so try not to use fluorescent lights or white lights in the living room, and it is best to use yellow lights, that is, halogen lights. Halogen lamps can not only bring people a warm and harmonious feeling, but also bring great popularity and wealth. Also, if several corners of the living room are immovable, it indicates that there is a wealth position at home, which should be carefully arranged and used. It is suggested that a lamp must be installed to illuminate this wealth position. Proper use of lighting to improve the magnetic field at home can not only enlarge the sense of space, but also prevent villains from damaging wealth. The lighting in the living room should be sufficient. Too dim lighting will affect the owner’s career development. The choice of lamps and lanterns on the ceiling of the living room is very important. It is best to use circular chandeliers or ceiling lamps, because the circle has the meaning of perfect service. The light color of the living room should be bright, and the light should be evenly scattered in the living room. The living room is dark, and it’s easy to be dark in some places. In this case, it is best to hide fluorescent lamps in the wooden grooves on the four sides of the ceiling to supplement the light. Such light is refracted from the ceiling, soft and not dazzling

feng shui knowledge of beam decoration
because the wall column beam is easier to deal with, but if it is handled improperly independently, it will fade in silence in the living room, and Feng Shui is greatly discounted. Generally speaking, the more the columns are, the more difficult it is to deal with the stool. Therefore, when choosing a residence, we should see whether the house is independent and the columns are large and large. If this happens, we should give up our love and choose a better place to buy a home. Ceiling decoration is the solution. If the ceiling is pressed too low to accommodate the beam of the roof, it should not be used in Feng Shui or design. In this case, the false ceiling layout with low four sides and high middle can be adopted. In this way, not only the vision is more comfortable, but also the concave position in the middle of the ceiling will form a pool of water, which will be of great benefit to the residential wind

color principle of living room decoration
if the living room is located in the southwest or northeast of the residence, the Yellow system shall be applied; If it is located in the southeast or due east, the green system shall be applied; Located in the north, the blue system is applied; Located in the south, it applies the red system; Located in the northwest or west, it shall be white, silver or gold. In short, the living room should be light in color. The ceiling color should be light rather than heavy. The ceiling of the living room symbolizes the sky. Of course, it is dominated by light colors, such as light blue, which symbolizes the blue sky; White is a symbol of white clouds, the color of the ceiling should be light, and the color of the floor should be blue, in line with the meaning of light and heavy

living room sofa and tea table Feng Shui
sofa should be placed in the Jifang of the house. Traditionally, it is believed that when placed in the auspicious position, a family, old and young, can get its prosperity; If it is wrongly placed in an unlucky position, the whole family, old and young, will suffer from it and will not be at peace. It is generally believed that the sofa is the main and the tea table is the guest, the higher the sofa is the mountain, and the lower the tea table is the sand water. The two cooperate with each other and depend on each other, which is in line with the way of Feng Shui. The sofa should be tall and the tea table should be short. If the area of the tea table is too large, there is a suspicion that the guest will dominate the host. This pattern is not a good omen

feng shui knowledge of living room decoration there are many more. In the process of owner decoration, it is also important to find problems and solve them in time, and visit the site in person

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