Teach you how to choose landscape painting

Many people like to hang some landscape paintings, flower and bird paintings or ink paintings to decorate their homes. Here’s how to choose landscape paintings. Come and have a look! Add some artistic atmosphere to your home

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teach you how to choose landscape painting

how to choose landscape painting

first of all, it depends on whether the picture leaves a space for heaven and earth. The so-called heaven and earth is the upper and lower position of the whole picture paper. Guo Xi, a painter in the Song Dynasty, said: ” What is heaven and earth? It is said that above a foot and a half, the upper part is reserved for the position of heaven and the lower part is reserved for the position of earth, and the middle part is determined to fix the scenery” ; If the landscape painting is full, it gives people a sense of occlusion and depression, and the layout obviously fails. In terms of image, the position of heaven and earth at the top of the mountain symbolizes arrogance and complacency. There is no room for promotion at the top and no retreat at the bottom. This kind of painting is not suitable for selection

secondly, it depends on whether the picture shows the context of the mountain. Mountains are like contacts. They are continuous for a long time, symbolizing many contacts, broad friends and strong foundation. The picture is full of mountains and rich levels. It is best to have branches and ups and downs. If the picture is not explained clearly, it will appear short and thin, and the image is not good

the third point is that the main peak of the picture must be prominent and surrounded by many guest mountains. The main peak represents the master. If the peak is not prominent, the picture will lose momentum and the mountains will lose the leader. It symbolizes the lack of master ability and control ability. The guest mountain is the background of the main mountain, symbolizing the master’s assistant and subordinates. The guest mountain faces the main mountain, symbolizing support for the leader. If it is rebellious, it symbolizes betrayal of its master. This should also be carefully observed when selecting paintings

how to choose the landscape painting in the living room

the landscape painting hanging in the living room is unparalleled in terms of decoration or creating an elegant and cultural atmosphere, but how to choose a good landscape painting is the key. Landscape painting can be selected from the following aspects

the decorative appreciation and artistic value of landscape painting itself should be high. At present, landscape decorative painting has a variety of styles and drawing methods, so there are good and bad works. To know whether landscape painting is good or bad, we must first understand how to appreciate landscape painting. From the perspective of most people’s appreciation of landscape painting, the first thing is to see whether the image of landscape painting is different and whether the color is good. If the color is good and the image is realistic, it is considered to be a good work. Because meticulous landscape uses lines to shape the body, when choosing meticulous landscape, we can see whether the lines are realistic, whether the color is elegant and has decorative beauty, But for the landscape painting outside the meticulous landscape painting, this measurement method is one-sided. We can judge from several simple aspects. First, we can judge the style through the perception of the work itself. For example, the realistic landscape painting is meticulous and realistic style, and the abstract or non landscape shape is freehand landscape or ink landscape expressed by pure ink; The second step is to see the thoughts and emotions to be expressed by the painter through the picture, and whether the whole work can fully express the theme, momentum and style. Again, look at the mounting technology and quality of paintings. A good painting and calligraphy needs good mounting to set off. Excellent mounting technology is the key to enhance the value of painting and calligraphy

generally, landscape paintings in the living room will choose small freehand brushwork style or semi meticulous landscape, with fresh and bright colors, elegant and clear colors or gorgeous and thick colors. Generally speaking, they will give the viewer an immersive feeling, give the mind a moment to rest and nourish the mind

finally, determine the hanging position and the size of landscape painting. It’s best to hang the landscape of the living room on the sofa wall, which means backing the mountain. There is a saying ” Mountain management personnel, water pipes and wealth ” , It means that the family members are healthy, work smoothly and have good fortune. Note that the mountains in the picture should be tall and straight, with lush plants on the mountains; The water potential is gentle. Try not to choose the one with fast water flow; The water should flow into the house, and if there is a small boat on the water, the bow should also face into the house. If it is after hanging the sofa, the size should be based on the length of the sofa. The best length of landscape painting is two-thirds of the sofa. The width is determined according to the hanging height. It is best to hang banners

how to choose the right landscape painting

I. landscape painting should choose the right position. Landscape painting is hung in the open part of the striking wall, such as the main wall facing the door, tea table, sofa and the wall above the writing desk. And the bedroom of the room, corner, the shadow place of wardrobe edge should not hang landscape painting

II. Landscape paintings should be hung in the room and 90 ” DEG with the windows; On the right wall of the corner. In this way, the natural light source outside the window echoes with the light source direction on the picture, which is easy to form harmony and unity

III. pay attention to the height of indoor landscape painting. For the convenience of appreciation, the height should be the center of the landscape painting on the high side of the human vertical parallel line. Generally, it is better to be about two meters away from the ground. It should not be too high or too low, nor staggered

IV. the number of landscape paintings should not be too large. Too many landscape paintings in the bedroom will dazzle people. One or two landscape works carefully selected by the owner can fully play the role of finishing touch

v. the tone of landscape painting should be consistent with the indoor furnishings as much as possible. The content of landscape painting should be refined and concise. In a room with old-fashioned furniture, the landscape painting hung should have local style and national characteristics. If it is decorated with thick and simple traditional Chinese painting landscape, new year painting, poetry and painting, ink landscape and ink splashing cursive, there will be both contrast and details. 6、 If it is in the lobby of a hotel or exhibition hall, large landscape paintings should be hung to welcome guests from all over the world. The quality of landscape banners in the elegant room of the hotel can be improved. Landscape banners on the walls on both sides of the conference room are more elegant and harmonious

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