How to choose a cat’s nest according to the five elements

We mentioned earlier that the ground branch of the cat is ” Yin ” , In contrast, the five elements are wood, so the cat nest is best selected according to the five elements of the cat, which is conducive to the health of the cat and the transportation of the house

the first is the material of the cat’s nest, preferably a wooden cat basket or cloth carpet. The five elements are also wood, which is more favorable in Feng Shui. Metal materials, glass materials and plastics are not suitable for cat nests. The first five behaviors of gold and wood will obviously affect the health of cats. The latter five behaviors of earth and wood will not be conducive to the Feng Shui Effect of keeping money and helping transportation of cats

the second is the shape and pattern of the cat’s nest. The cat’s nest should not be made into a circle or square. The five elements of these two shapes are also gold and wood respectively, which collide with the five elements of the cat; The pattern on the cat blanket should not be round, square and sharp. The sharp shape five acts as fire and wood makes fire, which means that the cat’s nest will absorb the wood Qi of the cat and may affect the health of the cat. Moreover, the sharp shape is originally a graphic with evil Qi and is not suitable for appearing at home. The color of cat’s nest should not be white, yellow and red. The five elements are gold, earth and fire respectively

in addition, the cat’s nest should be kept away from the electric stove, plug and other electrical appliances with five behaviors

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