Where is the study located

Everyone hopes to have their own spacious and bright study. Therefore, some families will use the bedroom and living room as the study when they do not have the conditions. They believe that this will not only save space, but also effectively make one room have two uses. However, this looks ” Smart ” ; This is actually not appropriate

if you use your bedroom as a study, you can read in bed at any time when you get home, and the reading time will not be limited. You will often see it very late, which will affect your normal rest and lead to poor mental state the next day; Some people also use the living room as a study, but reading in the living room is often affected by the arrival of guests in the process of work or study, which is not conducive to improving the efficiency of work and study

let’s take a step back. Sometimes, although there are no guests at home, the living room is not a quiet space after all. When reading and writing, it is often disturbed by some unexpected emergencies. In this way, the mood of reading and the inspiration of writing disappear

therefore, when setting up the study, we should not only be spacious and bright, but also its orientation is very important. It doesn’t matter if the place is a little smaller, as long as we can have an independent room. Especially for those who often work at home, the study is an indispensable part of the home

so, do you know which location in the house is more suitable for setting up a study? The answer is: the south must not be chosen. Because inadvertently, the South seems to be a good location and the first choice for setting up the study. It is generally believed that it is most appropriate to take the sunny room as the study, but we often ignore an important problem, that is, the south room is too Yang, which is not very beneficial to the readers’ mood and thinking activities

because the study is a place for people to read, write and enrich their inner life. Here are some calm thinking and focused research, which are all inner activities, which is completely opposite to the sunny south. In terms of writing behavior alone, this is a creative process after careful observation, careful analysis and careful brewing. However, the south direction contains the meaning of attachment and far dispersion, which will lead to confusion of thinking, which is not conducive to people’s work and study, but also easy to make people tired and lead to mood instability

in this study where Yang is too strong, the impulse caused by his works in the process of creation will not last. This is like drinking too much wine and writing with the strength of wine. It has no persistence. In view of the above reasons, it is not good to use Xiangyang’s room as a study

therefore, the argument that setting up a study in the south is the best and that this position will definitely create a good writer is groundless and even wrong

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