Where is the kitchen at home

Because the kitchen represents the wealth, wealth and health of a family, and gathers many incompatible appliances together, its orientation must be considered in detail in order to be beneficial to the health and development of the family

① the kitchen should not be to the south, because the South belongs to fire and the kitchen belongs to fire. Add fire to fire. It’s bad for home, and the food is easy to rot. So it’s best not to set the kitchen in the south. The kitchen should not be in the middle of the home. Because the center of the house is most forbidden to be polluted, and the most suitable location is the East and southeast of the house. The five elements in the East and Southeast belong to wood, which can coexist peacefully with water and fire. It is especially suitable as a good place for kitchen and breakfast

② the floor in the house shall be as high as that in the kitchen

③ light colors should be used for kitchen decoration, and dark colors should not be used. The shape of the kitchen should not be round or half moon, preferably rectangular

④ all kinds of knives in the kitchen, including kitchen knives and fruit knives, should not be hung on the wall or inserted on the knife holder. They should be put away and put in the drawer

⑤ the trash can should not be placed in the kitchen. When cooking, the kitchen is either oil or smoke, and sometimes oil smoke emits simultaneously. If a disgusting trash can is added to the kitchen, it will be even worse. In addition to sending negative messages, garbage cans also emit filthy gas, which will affect the hygiene of dishes and people’s health

⑥ it is forbidden to have a beam on the top of the gas stove” Gas ” ; It is a very important philosophical concept in ancient times. There is Qi in the tangible and also in the intangible. Qi permeates the space. When the gas stove is used, it will naturally release a stream of hot gas. If there is a beam above the gas stove, it will form air pressure. When encountering the hot gas, the magnetic field will become unstable and affect people’s mood and physical health

kitchen Feng Shui is most likely to affect the fate of residents. The kitchen is located in the evil side of the house, but the kitchen door must face the auspicious side, and the stove mouth must also face the auspicious side of the house in order to absorb the prosperous gas

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