What kind of Feng Shui effect does the curtain have

When designing windows, we must consider the Feng Shui Effect of curtains

the window is a very important part of the house, and it is also the most likely to face the evil spirit. Different evil spirits have different solutions, but the curtain has a certain function of resolving all kinds of evil spirits, which is an indispensable Feng Shui magic weapon for home residence. The effect of curtains on the harmony of light is particularly obvious. As we mentioned earlier, choosing appropriate curtains according to different lighting conditions will greatly promote the house games

in addition, the curtain with beautiful appearance can make the house more elegant and tasteful, and bring people beautiful enjoyment both in visual effect and psychological feeling. The residents’ living mood has a direct impact on the feng shui of the house and will greatly promote the prosperity of the house. So when you build a love nest for yourself, don’t forget to choose a good curtain

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