What effect does the choice of bedding have on fertility

The relationship between bed and people is very close, and the bedding on bed is close to people’s skin, which will even affect fertility to a certain extent. Although there are many factors affecting fertility, bed bedding will play a certain role in promoting Feng Shui

if the bedroom owner wants to have a little princess, the bedding should be brightly colored, and the pattern on it should be flowers or lovely cartoons; If the bedroom owner wants to have a little prince, the color should be monotonous when choosing bedding. The pattern should also be simple geometric patterns such as fruit, lovely animals or stripes. However, triangular and circular patterns should not appear on bedding, which will seriously affect the quality of sleep

in addition, the dragon and phoenix pattern is a very special pattern of bedding. The dragon gives birth to a man and the Phoenix gives birth to a woman. However, the prosperity of these two patterns is too strong. You should often blow the wind outside the house to disperse the air, otherwise the owner may not be able to withstand such an atmosphere, and the weak and sick should not use the bedding with the dragon and phoenix pattern

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