What is the stress of home feng shui door to door

The door in each home is the general entrance and exit of the whole family and the first barrier in the home. Let’s take a look at the feng shui of the door in home decoration

home decoration Feng Shui door

what is the stress of home decoration Feng Shui door

home decoration Feng Shui door: the door is opposite to the back door

there are few back doors in apartment houses, but villas are more common. Usually, the establishment of the back door is only convenient for entry and exit, but the back door is Yin. Feng Shui focuses on hiding wind and gathering Qi. The front door and the back door are in a straight line. The air flow passes through the back door and then goes out, straight in and straight out, This is a big taboo in Feng Shui, which will affect the family’s difficulty in getting together when they have money. That’s why we often say that it’s hard to get a full wallet when the front door rushes through the back door

the stress of home decoration Feng Shui door: the door is opposite to the bedroom

the bedroom is a place for people to rest. It needs quiet and auspicious Qi. Auspicious Qi can make people healthy. The door rushes to the bedroom door, and the sleeper is in a completely relaxed state due to the rapid air flow. Therefore, the body is easy to be damaged. If this situation is not improved, it will make people nervous and the work and rest may be chaotic

stress on home decoration Feng Shui door: the door is on the elevator

with the increasing number of high-rise buildings, whether residential houses, apartments or office buildings, the phenomenon of the door facing the stairs can be seen everywhere. This phenomenon is unlucky in Feng Shui, because Feng Shui likes music rather than straight. The elevator faces the user’s door, which is still unfavorable to people’s wealth and wealth, and will lead to serious leakage of money at home. It belongs to a kind of financial leakage Bureau

It’s the stove that blows the door of the kitchen, so it’s the stove that blows the water out of the kitchen; Sky fire evil spirit, Feng Shui said that this kind of door is facing the kitchen door, which is easy to lead to bloody disasters such as car accidents and accidents in the owner of the house

attention to Feng Shui door in home decoration: the door is opposite to the corridor

if there is a long corridor facing the door of your home, Feng Shui is called ” Hidden arrow evil spirit ” ;. The long corridor looks like an arrow straight into the door, which will lead to restlessness in the house and repeated diseases and disasters. The best way is to hang a bead curtain at the gate and stick a mirror on the lintel

the gate plays an important role in the house, and plays a role in attracting auspicious Qi and blocking evil Qi in Feng Shui. Therefore, the aura between it and other portals must be auspicious, otherwise the family will be disharmonious. The gas in the bathroom is dirty, which is not auspicious. Moreover, the toilet is a place to go to water. If the wealth gas from the door comes in, it will be sent to the bathroom at the first time, which will inevitably lead to wealth

What are the taboos in the color selection of home decoration Feng Shui door

color selection of home decoration Feng Shui door: entrance door

the door generally has eight directions: due East, Southeast, due south, southwest, due west, northwest, due north and northeast. In Feng Shui, these eight directions belong to five species. The orientation of the genus: due east and Southeast, and its favorable colors: green, cyan, black and blue; Fire orientation: due south, favorable colors: green, cyan, red, purple; The orientation of the soil: Southwest, northeast, favorable colors: red, purple, earthy yellow, coffee; Gold orientation: due west, northwest, favorable colors: earthy yellow, coffee, gold, white; Water orientation: due north, favorable colors: gold, white, black, blue

color selection of home decoration Feng Shui door: bedroom door

bedroom color Feng Shui should pay special attention to the physiological and emotional impact of color on people. In particular, we should mention the hypnotic effect of cyan. Generally speaking, cyan gives people a cold feeling. From the perspective of space, it is a distant crystalline color, and its effect is sedative. Calming is the source of color to restore the mind and body. In addition, cyan has the effect of absorbing oxygen to the human body. As a sedative of motor nerve, it can relax the human body, reduce nightmares and promote hypnosis. Older people generally feel lighter. It is also more beneficial to choose cyan in bedroom decoration, and the effect is also better

color selection of home decoration Feng Shui door: kitchen door

the color of kitchen door is only white, which is the cleanest and purest, and has nothing to do with any emotion, so it will not interfere with appetite. And white not only can’t arouse people’s emotions, but also helps people calm all kinds of emotions. Usually, white symbolizes calm, and all emotions are gradually released and faded. Such a kitchen seems to have a kind of magic, which can heal all wounds in the busy room. We should release the true meaning of our own health and bad mood

color selection of home decoration Feng Shui door: the toilet door

is white, which gives people the first impression that it is clean and bright, and the space of the general toilet is relatively small, which will also broaden our sight. And from our psychological analysis. When we see a bright and clean environment, our mood will improve accordingly. In addition to white, in fact, some relatively elegant and plain colors are also OK. They are like water blue, bright and soft. They have a sense of flexibility under the mutual reflection with water. With the decoration of white walls, they have a visual enjoyment of blue sea and blue sky

What’s the stress of home feng shui door to door?

if you see the door facing the kitchen door when you enter the door, this is a big evil in home feng shui. It is very easy to cause people living inside to suffer from serious diseases and affect their health. A very simple remedy is to place tall large leaf plants between the door and the kitchen door, Note that it is best to use leafy plants. Just put the plants next to the kitchen door. Another way is to hang a peace bottle mascot on the kitchen door to dissolve it

if the door is facing the bathroom door, the humidity and turbidity in the bathroom will directly rush to the door. I believe you don’t want to feel like this when you go home every day, and the God of wealth won’t patronize your door, which will affect your wealth and health career, so you should pay more attention here

if you enter the door or in the living room, you can see everything in the bedroom. The bedroom is a relatively secret place, and all secrets are seen clearly. Isn’t it very insecure? Therefore, the door to the bedroom door will make the people living in it in a trance and distracted, and the mood will be good and bad from time to time. There will be more right and wrong or quarrels, resulting in emotional discord. Feng Shui is a big taboo here, We should not take it lightly

if the bedroom door is opposite to the bathroom door for a long time, because there is foul gas in the bathroom, the people living in the bedroom will have bad luck and health problems, so we should pay attention to door-to-door Feng Shui

when cooking in the kitchen, the oil fume and moisture in it will spread all over the house even if the kitchen door is closed. If the bedroom door is opposite to the kitchen door and if it is still close, the bedroom is the first place to smell these smells. After a long time, it is easy to make the people living in it nervous and suspicious, and there may be frequent quarrels at home, It will also have a great impact on people’s health

if the door of the bathroom is opposite to the door of the kitchen, the bathroom belongs to water and the kitchen belongs to fire. This incompatibility between water and fire will certainly make the people living in it feel irritable and unstable. From the perspective of health, one is a place for cooking delicious food and the other is a place for sewage discharge, which will affect your health and the wealth of the people living in it.

the above describes the adverse impact of door-to-door in home on Feng Shui in our life. Now let’s see how to use appropriate methods to resolve the opposite situation of these doors

I. The simplest and practical way to solve the problem of door to door is to hang a door curtain. We can hang a door curtain on the door and choose different materials. If it is a natural crystal bead curtain, the effect will be better. In this way, it will not affect the use and is more beautiful. It can solve the problem of door to door

II. As mentioned earlier, the door is an air port. If the two doors are opposite, we should often close the two doors when we don’t use them, so as to prevent the airflow of air and reduce the impact on the air field. However, it should be noted that the solution method of this method is slightly weak and suitable for small houses

III. If the two doors are opposite, the room is relatively large, and a porch screen can be set up to separate the air flow between the two doors, so as to solve the Feng Shui problem between the doors

IV. when the front door is opposite to the kitchen door, a solution method is to use plants. This method is also applicable to other doors. The solution method is to place relatively high large leaf plants between the doors. Note that it is best to use multi leaf plants

v. when the door is opposite to the door, the five emperors’ copper coins can be placed. This is also a common method for Feng Shui to dissolve the door to door. The five emperors’ copper coins have many uses and play a great role. They can be placed under the two doors, which is also a better solution

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