How to use plants to improve balcony Feng Shui

Place on the balcony ” mdash; In addition to beautifying the environment, some flowers and plants also have good effects in Feng Shui

there are many plants suitable for planting on the balcony, which can be roughly divided into two categories: flourishing and evil. If you look out from the balcony and there are beautiful mountains and rivers nearby and no evil spirits appear, you should put those plants that can produce prosperous effects. Generally speaking, the balcony plants that have the function of prosperity in Feng Shui are tall and strong. The thicker the leaves, the more green the better, such as evergreen, money tree, Brazilian iron tree, rubber tree, brown bamboo and fortune tree

the plants that are placed on the balcony and have the function of Feng Shui are roughly the following:

① evergreen: the stem is thick, the leaves are thick, the color is green, and has strong vitality. The big leaves of evergreen leaf stretch out like fat palms, which accept Qi and blessings outward, and have a strong and prosperous effect on home feng shui. Therefore, the bigger the leaves of evergreen leaf, the better and keep evergreen

② money tree: the leaves are round, thick and plump, easy to grow and vigorous. It absorbs external gold and gas, which is very conducive to the transportation of wealth at home

③ iron tree: also known as dragon blood tree, it has long and narrow leaves and yellow spots in the center. Iron tree means strong and replenishes the Qi and blood of the house. It is one of the important flourishing plants

④ brown bamboo: its stem is thin and its leaves are narrow and long. It is named because the trunk is like palm and the leaves are like bamboo. Brown bamboo planted on the balcony can ensure the safety of the house

⑤ cash cow: its leaves are tall and dark green. It is a shade plant with a very rich atmosphere

if you look out from the balcony and the surrounding environment is bad, there are corner shooting, street anti bow nearby, or facing temples, hospitals and cemeteries, you must put those plants that can turn evil spirits. The difference between Huasha plants and Shengwang plants is that their stems or flowers and leaves have thorns. If there are thorns, they can rush to the top of the external evil spirit and make it retreat, which can protect the home

there are roughly the following kinds of evil plants:

① cactus: the cactus stem is thick and fleshy, often covered with hard fur and acupuncture. Placing the tall cactus on the balcony can dissolve the external evil

② keel: the stem grows tall and straight upward, looks like an upright dragon backbone, is full of strength, and has a strong resistance to external evil spirits

③ jade Unicorn: the keel grows upward, while the jade Unicorn stretches horizontally. It looks like a stone mountain. It is stable and powerful, and has the function of restraining houses

④ roses: roses are gorgeous and colorful. Although beautiful, they have thorns. They are awe inspiring and inviolable. They can not only decorate the scenery of the balcony, but also have the function of transforming evil spirits. They are especially suitable for homes with more women

if there is a street near the balcony, you can plant kudzu on the balcony. The flower color is like azalea, and the flowers and leaves are dense and have sharp spines. It is easy to plant, and it is a good chemical evil plant

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