Which Feng Shui plants are most suitable for vase placement

Generally speaking, plants that do not taste too strong or are harmless to human body can be placed in vases, but they should be taken care of very carefully. Here we recommend several plants that are most suitable for putting in vases, which have the best effect of increasing Feng Shui in house transportation

Silver willow: the silver willow looks like a flower rather than a flower. Its simple and simple appearance reveals the vulgar temperament, gives people a sense of elegance to wash away all the dust, and can be inserted for a long time. It is especially suitable for indoor vases. At the same time, silver willow also plays a role in flourishing wealth, the so-called ” Silver willow, No, it’s ” Silver retention ” ; It’s strange that it’s called ” The God of wealth at home

Fugui bamboo: its leaves are broad and rich, with fresh luster. It is evergreen all the year round. Its vitality can last for several months and can take root. It is ” Prosperity ” ; Plant bottle

carnation: also known as mother flower, it represents health and warmth. It has elegant smell and beautiful color without vulgarity. This flower can promote family harmony and create a warm atmosphere. However, when raising carnations in vases, we should change the water frequently to prevent the roots from rotting

Gardenia: the fragrance of Gardenia has a sweet taste. The flowers are pure and elegant. They can also absorb toxic substances such as sulfur dioxide. It also has the meaning of adding and flourishing in Feng Shui

in addition, roses, Chimonanthus, lilies, etc. are also suitable for bottle insertion. Roses should be pricked. Lilies can’t be put in the bedroom. They should be inserted in the living room and far away from people’s sitting place

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