How can Feng Shui dissolve the partition between toilet and kitchen

The kitchen and the toilet are two mutually exclusive areas, because in the five elements, the kitchen belongs to fire and the toilet belongs to water, so the kitchen and the toilet are two areas incompatible with water and fire. Of course, in the household type, the kitchen and the toilet can not be connected relatively, let alone together, which will affect the feng shui of the home and our luck, so for our luck, We have to pay attention to these problems, especially to know how to resolve these bad feng shui, so how to resolve the Feng Shui between the toilet and the kitchen? Might as well look at the relevant articles and learn together

1. Feng Shui taboo in kitchen and toilet

in modern home, due to the limitation of area, some house types often connect the kitchen with the bathroom in order to facilitate the design and save space, and even open the door of the bathroom in the kitchen. When entering and leaving the bathroom, they pass through the kitchen first and then go to the bathroom. This situation is very inappropriate for both health and Feng Shui

according to the requirements of home feng shui, the kitchen is the energy area of fire, and there are many ” Dry fire Qi ” ;; If the toilet is the energy area of water, more ” Qi of Yin alone” Dry fire ” ; And ” Single Yin ” ; All belong to bad luck. “Ode to the heart of snow” says: ” Solitary Yang does not grow, and solitary Yin does not grow ” ; It refers to these two irreconcilable Qi of yin and Yang. Water and fire are adjacent, which will cause the magnetic field to collide; Second, it will affect the energy state of the whole home. The bathroom is connected with the kitchen, and the two gases collide with each other, which is easy to cause the situation of water and fire, resulting in more diseases and disasters in the family

II. The doors of the kitchen and the bathroom cannot be opposite

door to door is a bad design method in itself, because the air flow is connected, it is easy to cause ventilation and affect the feng shui of the home. If the kitchen is opposite to the bathroom door, the evil spirit of the bathroom will flow to the kitchen, which will affect the healthy Feng Shui of the kitchen and the mood of the cook. Facing the problem that the kitchen and bathroom are next to Feng Shui, we should set curtains to block the connection of air flow, and close the door at ordinary times. In addition, more efforts should be made on the air purification in the bathroom, so as to bring a fresh environment and healthy Feng Shui to the whole house

III. how to avoid adverse Feng Shui

for the convenience of design and more full use of space, the current housing will connect the kitchen and toilet together. Sometimes the door of the kitchen and the door of the toilet will share one. When entering and leaving the toilet, we will pass through the toilet first and then through the kitchen. This is unscientific in Feng Shui, because the kitchen is the place in charge of our stomach and the source of our health, The toilet is mainly a place for storing dirt and dissolving the evil spirit. Bringing the foul gas of the toilet into the kitchen will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the taste of the food, which will bring hidden dangers to the health of the family. Therefore, Feng Shui in kitchen and toilet is one of the things we should pay attention to

IV. Feng Shui connected to the kitchen and bathroom

the bathroom should have a ventilated place. If there is no window, it should also have a vent. Because the bathroom is a place to hide dirt, it is necessary to maintain air circulation. Resolve: you can put green plants inside to resolve

regular ventilation. This is the most important thing. Only when the ventilation is good and the air is in circulation can the filthy air be sent out. If the bathroom has no windows and is closed without ventilation, it will be harmful to the health of the family. Ventilation fans must be installed to ventilate. In addition, the bathroom should be kept dry as much as possible. There is much water in the bathroom and there is a lot of Yin. If the water often flows into a river and the moisture flows into other rooms, it will be harmful to people’s health

the toilet is opposite to the kitchen door, which will affect the health of housewives, and the foul gas in the toilet is close to things, so people in the room are prone to gastrointestinal diseases, so there are solutions; Hang a curtain on a door or put green plants in the middle

there have always been many problems in Feng Shui in the kitchen and toilet. Only because the kitchen and toilet are two areas that are not mutually exclusive, we should pay more attention not to violate some Feng Shui taboos, but also know how to solve these bad feng shui auras, so as to form good feng shui

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