What does rockery Feng Shui say

With the improvement of people’s living standards, many people live in villas. Villas generally have a courtyard. Many people like to build a rockery in the courtyard to create a back garden. Rockery can improve the environment and beautify living conditions. However, rockery is also particular about feng shui. Let’s take a look at what rockery Feng Shui says today

you can’t just have rockeries without water

mountain owner Ding, water is the master of wealth” Mountain ” ; It is in charge of the population, which represents health, population and population. And ” Water ” ; It means to attract wealth and fortune. Only by relying on mountains and rivers can we build a good feng shui pattern. If there is no water, his family’s wealth will be adversely affected. So there must be mountains and water

pay attention to the shape

the shape of the rockery fish pond in the courtyard should be semicircular, like the half full moon. Due to ” Monthly profit leads to loss ” , The owner of the house is encouraged by this, which represents the meaning of continuous progress. Therefore, the effect of other shapes is not as good as that of semicircle

the pool should not be too deep

the pool under the rockery should not be too deep. If the pool is too deep, it is easy to hide dirt and accumulate foul gas, which is unfavorable to the health and gas transportation of residents. At the same time, too deep pool is not suitable from the perspective of safety

pay attention to the location

the location of rockery is also exquisite. It can achieve good results only if it conforms to your favorite God. If placed randomly, it may be counterproductive and have an adverse impact on one’s own fortune

can not be placed indoors

rockery is an artificial mountain peak made of stone, soil or other special materials. It is small in size, but it also has the shape characteristics of the mountain. It looks very beautiful and can give people a unique feeling of beauty. But we can’t just put the rockery indoors. First, the rockery made of stone is easy to increase Yin Qi in the home, which leads to the deterioration of Feng Shui in the home; Second, because the rockery is large in size, if the space at home is small, it’s best not to place rockeries, otherwise it will destroy Feng Shui

the size of rockery should be moderate

because everyone lives in different space sizes, there is no absolute size standard when we choose indoor rockery. We only need to know that indoor rockery can not be too large, can not infect our normal life and actions, but can not be too small, otherwise it will lose its ornamental value. The best rockery is based on the space proportion at home, The size is appropriate

the location is suitable

rockeries cannot be placed casually. The best place to place rockeries is in the northwest, which can be placed in the living room and balcony, but not in the bedroom, bathroom, study and other places. Otherwise, it will have a negative impact on Feng Shui and is not conducive to the role of rockeries as a town house

no sharp edges and corners

rockery is easy to carry all kinds of edges and corners because it imitates the characteristics of mountain peaks. What we can do is try not to have too sharp edges and corners, otherwise it is easy to destroy Feng Shui at home and cause wealth dissipation; Second, it is easy to hurt the family by mistake, which is not conducive to the health of the family

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