What about the light above the dining table

In order to facilitate eating, many families set the lights of the restaurant above the table. But the lamp above the table is very particular about feng shui

first of all, the light should be soft, and warm color light is the best, so as to give people a warm and happy feeling and create an atmosphere conducive to eating. The color of the lamp should not be too bright. Red and purple will stimulate nerves, but affect people’s appetite

secondly, do not face people’s seats directly above the dining table. If there is a seat under the lamp, you will commit the taboo of pressing the top. Moreover, the five elements of the lamp belong to fire, and eating on top of the head has a great impact on people’s health. Therefore, you must move the seat away

in addition, the chandelier on the dining table should not be in the shape of a candle, because in ancient China, white candles were lit only when offering sacrifices to the dead. There were candle lights on the dining table, which was like the deceased enjoying sacrifices in Feng Shui. It was unlucky and absolutely forbidden

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