What kind of plants are best placed in the living room

From the perspective of Feng Shui, the living room is often the most prosperous and popular position in the home, so the plants placed in the living room should be paid special attention to. The living room is a place where people come and go and entertain guests, so choose ” Prosperity ” ; Plants to accumulate popularity and talent

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at the same time, the living room is a place to show people the atmosphere of the host’s home, which should show ” Rich but not extravagant, expensive but not vulgar ” ; In the weather, the good feeling of guests can strengthen the good atmosphere in the room, so it is also suitable to place evergreen large leaf plants for hospitality and prosperity

iron tree, palm tree, bamboo, fortune tree, Fugui bamboo, Luohan pine, Clivia, evergreen, Calla Lily, bergamot taro, etc. are all suitable for placement in the living room. The arrangement of plants in the living room should also be coordinated with the scale and weather of the whole living room. If the living room is small and short, you can also choose some plants with slightly smaller branches and leaves or arch shape to make the living room look spacious and bright

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